Chad "Ochocinco" John reportedly trying out for the BC Lions

That's crazy logic. My installers (Canadian citizens) need to clear 2 Federal checks and 1 provincial check, in the US, they have to clear even more than that just to be allowed to work in an unoccupied school ! And the slightest blemish on their record has seen some of them refused entry. You want to take an American citizen who committed and convicted of violent crimes be a "role model" to deter our kids ROFLMAO. This country's morals are so weak it is sad.

What a slap in the face to Geroy Simon this is ...Dirtbag Wally already has Johnson penciled in as a primary reciever... BUT WOuld only offer geroy a back up position... Geroy and chad are practically the same age and geroy has better stats on a per game basis I hope dirtbag wally brings this guy up and has another Josh Boden on his hands...

I have to wonder what are Vancouver based team's GMs are smoking these days. Canucks have gone from having a problem of two legitimate starting goalies to none and Lions are thinking of doing this???

Don't be ridiculous. Nobody is "penciled in as a primary reciever (sic)." Buono saying he'll take a look at the guy means only that: He'll take a look at the guy, just as he does with every other prospect.

buono is in a video on saying he has no interest in Chad Johnson.

Well, there you go. Now we know for sure he's not "penciled in."

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It really shouldn’t be cause for a pat on the back when a Canadian Football League club says thanks but no thanks to a guy like Chad Johnson.

Maybe he could still get open and catch the football, despite being 36 years old and two seasons out of the game, despite being one of those Terrell Owens/Randy Moss-type lightning rods who can’t seem to survive outside his own self-made womb of ego gratification.

He definitely excited the Twitterverse with the mere possibility on Thursday, repeatedly tweeting on his @ochocinco account that he intended to sign for the 2014 season with the B.C. Lions.

Perhaps he’d be an upgrade on the import receivers the B.C. Lions have: Emmanuel Arceneaux and Courtney Taylor and Ernest Jackson and whoever is moving up the depth chart at wide receiver.

Maybe, with a decade of National Football League stardom on his resume — though stale-dated by several years — the longtime Cincinnati Bengal could still be a difference maker, even at his age.

But then football operations chief Wally Buono and head coach Mike Benevides would have to go home at night and look in the mirror. And so would Travis Lulay, the quarterback.

What price, they would have to ask, those receptions?

“This is an initiative from an individual player, probably in discussion with some of our other players,? Buono said Friday. “Will I have a discussion with my boss? Yes. Do I have a strong inclination to move forward with it? No.?

There are certain things a professional sports organization stands for, and certain things it learns the hard way.

And Chad Johnson represented a challenge to both. A test, if you will, of what the Lions have learned from previous experience with me-first players (read: Casey Printers) and players at the sunset of their athletic careers (Geroy Simon) ... but most importantly, a test of their honesty.

The Lions — in one of the bolder and in some ways more dangerous initiatives to be undertaken by a team in a professional sport that gets a lot of headlines for the wrong reasons — have, for a couple of seasons now, thrown their weight behind a program called “Be More Than A Bystander, Break The Silence On Violence Against Women.?

Through a series of powerful public service announcements and videos, players like Lulay and slotback Shawn Gore, safety J.R LaRose and recently retired centre Angus Reid have urged the public to speak up and speak out — and now, their conviction as a football club has been put to the test.

On Aug. 11, 2012, a little over a month after marrying Evelyn Lozada, Chad Johnson was arrested on a charge of domestic battery. According to the police report, he allegedly head-butted his wife following an argument.

The next day, he was released by the Miami Dolphins. That’s right. Even the Miami Dolphins, home to Richie Incognito and an apparent locker-room culture of brutality and harassment and abuse, cut ties with him. Two days later, his wife filed for divorce. He entered a no-contest plea of misdemeanour domestic battery, and avoided jail time but eventually was incarcerated anyway, for repeated violations of his probation, which ended only four months ago.

But there he was Thursday on Twitter, exchanging messages with Arceneaux and cornerback Dante Marsh, talking up his intent to come north.

“I think it all started last year when we wore our gun-metal grey jersey and he tweeted — or twittered, or however the hell you say it — that he liked it. And because he is such a high-profile NFL guy, it made for a lot of pizzazz,? Buono said. “And one thing leads to another.?

Ordinarily, an approach from a receiver with Johnson’s playing record would be, to say the least, intriguing. But nothing about the timing, or the circumstances, is ordinary.

“You have to be very, very — very — cautious because of all the things it implies,? Buono said. “He got charged with, what domestic battery, right? And convicted. And you look at some of the programs that we support.

“Do we have to comment on it? I think we have to at least acknowledge it, but I think you also have to acknowledge what your organization stands for and how you want to be perceived going forward.?

Even if all that weren’t true, the Lions just went through the painful process of trading away their all-time great receiver, Simon, because he was 37 years old and his skills were diminishing. Simon then won the Grey Cup with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

For all his God-fearing, highly-principled beliefs, the GM has never shied away from cutting players once they reached the point of no return, but signing a 36-year-old with nothing like Simon’s character at this point ....

“It’s not only a tough sale, it’s just, we want to be sensitive to whether going down this path is the right path,? Buono said.

“It’s not like a guy who as an 18-year-old got into a fight with another 18-year-old, or a guy who made a bad decision because he got in his car and drove home (after drinking). That’s tough stuff, but you look at the circumstances of what happened in his case, the fact that he was probably in the twilight of his career, his personality ... is it worth going down that road? Once you associate, then all the good things that you’ve done seem to take a back seat.

“It’s a very slippery slope. I don’t think you sacrifice the values of your organization, the programs that you’ve invested in and support, for any one player because I don’t think the risk is worth the reward.?

The happy fallout from the Lions’ stand? Their own ochocinco, No. 85, won’t be pressured to give it up.

Shawn Gore, more than a bystander, might have refused anyway, on principle.

The Lions should trade Ochocinco's rights to the Argos, he'd be a much better fit in Toronto. He could be the new David Boston! :stuck_out_tongue:

Chad Johnson is a joke. His shtick wasn't worth it when he was in his prime.

Just to be clear about Simon.

Buono offered him a contract at a reduced rate due to a reduced role they had in mind for him.
Simon said no and Buono did him a favor in some respects.

But the comments are right that Buono can be ruthless when he perceives a player is slipping. He's kind of a puzzling guy at times.But he won't overpay.

Apparently a CFL team has added Ochocino to their Neg List today...and I don't think it was the Lions. :wink:

Your a nasty tease, you know that? :lol:

Well Hfx , not sure what you are going to think about this , but it was just on CTV news network that Ochocinco has been added to The Al's neg list .

The guy doing the reporting said that there was a real possibility that Popp may be serious about signing him and bringing him to training camp, it also sounded like Ochocinco wants to be there .

It's was nice to see a CFL story in headlines for a change, if nothing else !

So, Bruce gets released for having an anti-gay opinion, yet the Als want to bring in a guy who beat his wife?

This world is screwed up when beating your wife is seen as less offensive than having a difference of opinion. :roll:

Holy Spiderman!!!!! There's your replacement for Bruce....they both have the same personalities,who could ask for anything more :thup: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :slight_smile: and I'm sure that Ismael Bamba could use the cash by selling his #85 jersey number to Ocho :lol:

Chad Johnson twitter…

[b]Retweeted by Chad Johnson CFL on TSN ?@CFLonTSN 3h WR Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) has been added to @MTLAlouettes negotiation list (source: @TSNDaveNaylor) #CFL #TSN

Chad Johnson ?@ochocinco 3h
Nothing to negotiate, I’ll be fast as hell and in shape. RT @CFLonTSN: (@ochocinco) has been added to @MTLAlouettes negotiation list[/b]

Have lost a ton of respect for Jim Popp. I can't believe we've added a washed-up ex-NFL headcase with domestic violence issues to our neg list. This is how the Als want to represent themselves in Montreal? "Assaulted your wife? Come join our team, NO PROBLEM." :thdn: :thdn:

Actually Montreal would be the better fit for him.
BC seems to already have their receiving corp in place Arceneux, Taylor, and Earnest Jackson will look to step up into the 3rd import slot.
Canadians Gore. on the same level as the import Rec. 5th spot and 6th slot ianuzzi already proven back end recevier and special teamer. Haidaira also earned his stripes on teams last season. Poblah not much for teams so far in his career but could take the double swith spot of Paris Jackson to Balance the ratio.
Logan impot RB/Poblah Canadian REC
Harris Canadian RB/ Jackson import REC
As part of the two headed backfield.

Montreal will have at least one starting spot available with Bruce realeased and Richardson staus unknown.
Confort level in Montreal Troy Smith Ohio ST NFL Heisman Trophy, Tyrell Sutton Northwestern power conferance stars levels of NFL pedigree along with highly. More to the Power conference PAC 10 Oregon State bowl win over Notre dame.
Troy Smith can relate better with his professional move from the NFL to the CFL.
Lulay and Harris and even Logan from smaller schools and although logan had a high level of success in the NFL as a return specialist.
Smith may be the one QB who can keep him on track, if that is at all possible. Liining up with Duron Carter won'r hurt either.
JMO of course.
Popp also have dealt with such situations before and Chad will get an invite but will be put in his place and will need to earn his spot where Buono just does not even want to deal with the side show elements if they should arise

Homophobia is not a difference of opinion. In an age where being gay can still make you the target of violence, particularly in the US, homophobic views are part of a larger problem. We're not talking about a difference in opinion on the price of potatoes here.

Having said that, I despise Chad Johnson, and am very unhappy that my team has added him to their neg list.

See ... Phillips, Lawrence ... Popp has done it before.