Chad "Ochocinco" John reportedly trying out for the BC Lions

As per BC Lions Twitter:

cool. we'll see what becomes of this.
the lion's response was 'see you at FA camp?'. makes me doubt it will become a reality, though.

I’d love to see Chad Johnson play here, but does the CFL not have an honor agreement with the NFL regarding suspended players switching leagues?

He isn't suspended. He was released from the Dolphins following his legal incident.

this guy is going to find out that CFL isn't all that inferior afterall.. :roll:

Ironic considering that during an interview last summer, Chad Johnson threatened to jump on co-host Stephen Smith for even suggesting Chad should try the CFL to get back to the NFL...

[b]SMITH: "then why not go play in the CFL before you get back to the NFL?"

CHAD: "don't disrespect me like that"

SMITH: "nooo, I swear to you I'm not disrespecting you"

CHAD: "I'm going to jump across this table, don't treat me like that"

SMITH: "If the NFL is scared to take a chance on you, what's wrong with you going someplace else where they will allow you to play football to prove that you won't be a distraction and you still got game so they can bring you back to the NFL."
"What's wrong with that?"

CHAD: "You think if I go to the CFL and then because I can play there, they are going to bring me back? Noooo"
"I'm not going to the CFL Steve"

If true, and it is about trying to get back to the NFL it will not work.
Now if its about continuing his pro football career than a possibility is there.
Like the NFL though the CFL is also loaded with very good receivers with only so many teams and so many roster spots and s many starting spots.
He will find it is not going to be any different then going to an NFL camp to earn a spot with a team.

Sometimes I think it can be a detriment playing in the NFL for a number of years as, in this case, route running on a wider field with an extra db is different, I think in the CFL with the wider field there are more options for a receiver on certain defenses. Just different I think in some respects.

He is 36 years old which is getting up there for a receiver - same age as Arland Bruce who Montreal released. Usually by then receivers have lost some of their speed. One of the most celebrated retirements from the NFL last year was of Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez and he was 37 at the time of his retirement - and tight ends don't even rely on speed as much as wide receivers do. So Chad is certainly not in his prime as a wide receiver these days in my opinion.

I'd pass unless in a tryout he was exceptional and looked to have an excellent work ethic. And then there is the issue of money.

I thought it was a joke myself, someone asked where he was playing next year and he replied BC Lions. Seemed like an off the cuff remark meant to be a joke. Then the BC Lions twitter person followed up on it asking if he was going to go to a FA camp. It seemed to die off last nite until this was posted this morning -

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 1h

Wally Buono tells me he now feels compelled to take a closer look at @ochocinco's interest in #BCLions. Will be very cautious though.

Farhan Lalji ?@FarhanLaljiTSN 47m

Buono first thought the @ochocinco talk was all 'twitter nonsense' but now says he wouldnt be doing his job if he didnt look into it further

He's got great skill, keeps himself in great physical condition, and has avoided any serious injury history. Wouldn't surprise me if he still had a couple of good seasons left in him. The question is whether he was serious or was just goofing and doesn't take the CFL seriously as previously mentioned in that interview. I think there will be a huge shock for him as to what kind $ value on a contract he can get, for sure. But if he's serious and just wants to play, the idea of Lulay having him and Arceneaux to throw, Harris and Logan in the backfield, and Taylor, Gore, Ianuzzi, and Jackson as secondary options receiving wise, that could be a deadly offense.

Its a FA tryout camp. They will probably kick in his 100 dollar fee for him :lol: (VIP you know) Got to show him RESPECT :cowboy:

100 dollar fee......would that be Canadian or "Merican" dollars???? :lol: :wink: :cowboy:

If he does in fact play, he should sell at least a few more tickets for the regular season opener as I'm sure the local media would be all over the story which would give the Lions a bit of a pr boost.

might sell as many jerseys as Ricky Williams sold in Toronto. still see many RW27 jerseys at Argo games.

He won't even make it to general camp. Washed up headcase of an NFL receiver thinks he can just suit up and play for a CFL team? Bye bye, Ochocinco, don't let the door hit your a$$ on the way out...

Don't hold back, tell us how u really feel.

...will Gore give up #85? Chad might have to change his name to Ochouno, Ochotres or Ochoocho

...I'm pulling for the last option...looks ridiculous, just like Chad

Chad Johnson has 3.6 million twitter followers, up 899 since yesterday! The Lions should milk this publicity for every twit they can get. :wink:

Wally pretty much squashed any possibility in Ocho coming to the Lions based on his domestic violence charge last year and that the Lions are active in the Be More Than a Bystander program. I can respect that but IF Ocho did come to training camp and make the team they could have him promote the Be More Then a Bystander campaign by using the experience for good and teach kids how to deal with anger and how to avoid violence from the perspective of an offender.