Chad OchoCFLo?

Looks like he is getting a tryout with the Als....

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Popp has a record of giving ex-NFLers a chance but making them earn their playing time. Robert Edwards and Lawrence Philips were picked up from obscurity and proved useful on the field. Others fizzled in TC and were discarded. Treating these over-the-hill veterans well likely puts the Als in good stead with agents, which can never hurt; and sometimes it pans out on the field tot he Als benefit.

Maybe Popp should go out and see if he could get Chads buddy Terell to sign up with the Al's as well.This has disaster written all over it.I'm sure that he would just turn Montreal and the CFL into a sideshow carnival act and I really can't see guys like Richardson and Greene welcoming him with open arms.IMO the league has risen enough to stand on it's own without bringing in some NFL over-the-hill washout to justify how good it is like in past seasons.Just my opinion,but I can see a repeat of 1981 for the Al's (3-13)if this clown is on the team this season.The entire season will be all about Johnson and nothing about anything else,I see nothing positive in this decision and as far as I'm concerned it's a lose lose situation no matter how many ways you cut it.

Its a tryout. Get over it.


Get over what???? Hopefully HfxTC,for you let's hope that Ocho kills it at this try-out gets invited to the main camp and has just as a memorable season as Ricky Williams :roll: had for the Argos in his one and only season in the CFL. I guess I've misjudged Popp and the Al's,I didn't realize that things were so bad in Mtl that the team is so desperate for attention,that they would attempt a stab at any publicity possible to keep the Al's in the spotlight in that city :roll: Personally I hope that Ocho does well at this tryout,gets signed to a contract,makes your team and your team totally tanks on the season,when it turns into the Ocho Cinco circus carnival act and sideshow.IMO it makes the CFL look bush league and desperate for recognition and justification if this prima donna is allowed to play in the league this season especially at age 36 and a past due date tag long since expired.In all seriousness let's hope for the sake of the league and your team that the tryout does not go well and Mr.Ocho remains on his side of the border this season and not on our side making a mockery of our league by playing in it.Like I said before it's a lose lose proposition either way you look at it ........if Ocho comes in and lights it up putting up huge yardage,the nay sayers will say Well of course he lit it up,what do you expect playing in a 2nd rate league with inferior players ? or if he bombs out and plays poorly it will be Well what did you expect when a league like the CFL goes out and signs an NFL exile well past his prime,the only reason he is there is that no one wants him anymore in the NFL. So in closing,Yes!! its a tryout,let's all hope that thats all it is,is a tryout and nothing more will come of it.Hopefully end of story :cowboy:

I for one hope he makes it. From all I have seen and known of Chad, the guy just loves playing football and was probably going to have a nice comeback season with the Phins before all hell broke lose with him and his wife. He is one of the best receivers of this past generation in the NFL, if he shows the Als that he is committed to football and has a great try out then I hope he gets a chance at their main camp.

I never had an issue with Johnson's antics and if he comes into the league and people expect him to keep his mouth shut, you're dreaming. Only fans of the other 8 teams will have an issue with this, but I know Als fans will be in love with the guy if he snags something like 50+ catches and 700+ yards.

I honestly hope he does well because the fact that he is even willing to try out for the Als proves his ego has had a bit of a reality check, considering Johnson laughed at the prospect of ever playing in the CFL back in the day.

I personally think he is going to play well and make a push for the regular roster but maybe I am dreaming.

Still it is just a try out, no reason to get your panties in a wad.

This I think is laughable, I'm sorry bobo. Popp will not even give him a chance if he believes Johnson thinks he is above the league and the team, but that doesn't mean Johnson won't provide some funny sound clips IF he makes the team. Which is a massive IF still.

It really comes down to Higgins and his staff who will see him in Vero Beach. Higgins isn’t a rubber stamp when it comes to players who are checkered…

Unlike Terrell Owens when he was age 36, Chad Johnson seems to have eaten plenty of humble pie.

If Owens at age 36 is still in NFL shape though not quite good enough to make an NFL team, and of course he has the scarred past that NFL teams don't want from an expensive veteran but will tolerate from either a more inexpensive younger player or a costlier high draft pick, I'd like to see him make it and think he would be a fine fit for the Al's offence.

It was before my time as an NFL fan, but perhaps someone can comment on Andre` 'Bad Moon' Rison's time in the CFL a decade ago at age 37-38 after also his chequered, but in his era before social media less publicly exposed, past?

Get over being self-conscious about how you think that adding a former NFLer could make the CFL look bad. Popp (a) takes a minimal risk with the chance that it pays off, and (b) builds a good relationship with player agents who appreciate the opportunity for their client who no longer has NFL options. Such relationships never hurt.

Popp has a long history of giving NFL vets a chance, but NEVER trumpets them as a saviour or a key addition. Even the signing of Troy Smith was very much a soft sell from the Als perspective. That the media in the centre of the universe plays something up big is not his fault.

Ocho will play if he earns the chance by virtue of his play, and won’t if he doesn’t. I doubt he will. He didn’t even get a contract and TC invitation, just a tryout.

"Bad Moon" was beyond a total wash in the CFL,He played sparingly and never even came close to making an impact with the Argos,in retrospect signing him was a collasal bust and waste of time and money by Toronto. :stuck_out_tongue: :oops: are the "Bad Moon's" career stats in his short time in the league.

I think it is very tough for any football player with mileage on him to make it in the CFL for a number of reasons but considering that Montreal will tryout probably around 300 to 400 players in an off season. What's the harm that a couple NFL players are thrown in the mix ?

With the Als mini camp starting tuesday will he participate fully if all goes well with the tyrout???
Or is that already happening.
I would think if they wanted to really get a good look at him in comparison to the rest of the players going through the full 3 days would be very helpful

My guess is a half decent Canadian is better than this "all-star" NFL'er to be honest.

Chad's NFL career is comparable to Ben Cahoon's CFL career...
Als released Arland wich they wont' admit but wasn't planned. London and Deslauriers had terrible seasons and Jamel Richardson had two ligaments grafted about 8 months ago. The Als can't afford not to look at a number of receivers.

Could Johnson replace Arland's production ? That's the question really. Als aren't looking for a #1 or #2 receiver and if Jamel is healthy aren't even looking for a #3 production.

Well depends on how quick of a learner he is to run different type routs on a Canadian football field. And adjust to an extra defensive back here. And that being said, how much shape he's in and committed. I don't know.

That's exactly the types of things they will look at.
How in shape is he.
How motivated is he.
Understanding of the reality of the CFL.
How well he gets along with other players and staff.
How quickly does he transfer what is being teached to him.

If he can answer all that then you give him a traning camp bunk and see if he can win a spot competing on a CFL size field and even then let's say he wins a backup or practice roster spot would he still be interested ???

For the sake of everybodies sanity let's hope that Ocho doesn't become an Alouette.If he does,just stop and consider the fact that the league will have to drop Rod Black off of all Montreal broadcasts :wink: I mean it's annoying enough to hear Rod tell everybody every 5 minutes that Duron Carters daddy was NFL HOF Chris Carter,can you imagine if the Al's had both of them on the same team??? We would have to get Rod a kingsize pair of "Depends" and some duct tape for his mouth,because all you would hear all game long is Ocho this and Carter that.Yup Rod would be having little orgasms all game long and driving us all nuts,even more than he already does. :stuck_out_tongue:

probably having Troy Smith, former Heisman QB, who has taken the right approach and has/is doing all of the things mentioned above probably makes the Als the best fit for Ocho if he is indeed going to make the transition.
With different formations including different personal packages he likley does not have to be an everydown player yet still be in the game plan