Chad Lucas.. anyone need a WR?

so the Argos let him go today or yesterday.. I'm a little surprised. but anyway, is there a team out there that could use a veteran Wide out?

He was a big disappointment IMO. The Argos had to make room for Reggie McNeal coming off the 9 game injured list. At least Reggie can catch the ball. Webb, Lucas (both gone) and Rideau have not been very consistent catching the football this year for the Argos.

That Robinson guy doesn't look too bad either.

Lucas, would be nice addition to a team with an established passing game. His hands are solid and hr runs smooth routes.

I felt Lucas was a bit of a disappointment as well, but not as big as Webb. Rideau has improved since training camp and doesn't seem to be dropping as many balls.

I thought Lucas looked pretty good last year, but than again it doesn’t mean anything when you’re playing on such a bad team.
Will he get a call from someone else?
Maybe Edmonton? Some competition is what those receivers need. Maybe it’ll cure their case of the dropsies.


Gun to my head, I'd take Rideau over Lucas.

They both have their issues. Rideau is prone to the dropsies while Lucas has two fumbles despite seeing limited action. At least if Rideau catches the ball (big "if" notwithstanding) he's not going to cough it up and kill the team on a big play. Lucas, I would hold my breath after each reception.

Robinson, Copeland, McNeal, Rideau, Owens... I can get behind that. Keep developing Bradwell (on whom the clock is ticking, in my opinion), Watt, Godding, and Turner when he's back and healthy.