Chad Kilgore

Well he can come off 6 game? He had the luxury of a buy week as well.

In camp he rammed his way into that #1 MLB spot. Peters and Hurl have spelled filling that position. Games 2 and 3 things looked a little iffy but I guess every game they got comfortable and confident.

But I hope Kilgore is ready. Longer week so the team can prepare better for Saturday.

The sooner he gets in there the better. He's never played a regular season game.

But I hope his hand is ready to go?????? Interesting to see if the coaches go back to their intent of having Kilgore in middle, Peters and Hurl left to take one spot? Import/national considerations.

Or maybe Weldon starts seeing more time where Mr. Harris is sitting and Peters takes Weldon's spot.

I doubt the bolded happens, but stranger things have happened. I think that would seriously decrease the ability of our defence to cover guys properly as I think the increase you would gain from inserting Brown into Harris’s spot would be negated and more by putting Peters in Browns spot.

Though he has been eligable to practice for a couple weeks I do not think he has yet.

Why fix what’s not broken, all the DB’s and LB are playing well, would love to see more of Langree though!

and Peters has been playing VERY well


If so, I agree…I assume that was just a typo on his name.

Agree that defense has been absolutely solid…so why change it.

I agree on this point. Making zero changes even though he is ready might be the way the team goes.

But I see a weak point in this defense at MLB. A true best run stopper, quick sideline to sideline, and aggressive. But right now our front 4 are making the LB’ers look great and that is a good thing.

They might not make changes because everyone is playing well! I get that. Things are not perfect yet on defense and never will be! But the defense is playing well and the luxury might be to give Kilgore’s injury more time…or it has not healed and he is behind schedule getting rehabbed)

Yah it was kinda, my spelling sucks! LOL



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We have a winner!! LOL :thup:

hehehe…I was like Langree? F…did the Riders pick someone up? I looked at the roster…OOO…ok :smiley: :cowboy:

it now sounds like Kilgore will be starting.

My understanding is that it’s more of a special teams role right now, just to help him get into game shape. I heard rumours that Weldon Brown is hurt… Is that true?

they thought he would only miss the one day but was still not practicing. Turenne will likely see some action/dress.

so in the first half of the Esks game Kilgore is so inept that they need to bring the safety up on every play? WHY is he still in there. Nobody is going to do worse...give someone a shot

Kilgore is not cutting but the whole defense is not cutting it especially against the run. Allowing 300 yards rushing. For God sake when Rielly is running around like he is someone has to put an end to that happy horse s**t. I don't care if you take a roughing the passer penalty you have to put a stop to that in a real hurry. I'm not saying you go out to intend to injure but man you make him pay for making that decision.

Kilgore was spotting…there is ZERO excuse for it. He can’t get it done. Put someone else in or put Hurl in and gain the ratio spot so they can use Adcock on the OL. The fact they didn’t even try someone else in there falls on the coaches.

The O was crap…this happens with a backup QB, but lack of adjustments like putting in big Messam when they stack the box and not shuffling the LBs…that is 100% coaching. This is a good coaching staff, but they failed the players as much as the players failed him.

White was amazing in there…I’ve liked him since his first pre-season action.

Peters was out of place a lot tonight against the Esks as well.. Did you notice on TV how wide open the middle was all night... Edmonton SCHOOLED the Riders on the run game tonight.

The LB situation is not good. Do we when LeGree is back from injury? Might have to put him at safety, and move Brackenridge up to LB.

The only other option is to put Hurl back in and try him out or bring Mike McCullough out of retirement!

surely there must some prospects from down south? I mean there has to be more then a few out there that didn't make the cut but would have the speed and certainly the size to work in the CFL. I have not been impress with our D beside the line and Brack all year. Our dbs are a bit small and not the speediest and our linebackers are soft.

Edmonton certainly wanted this game more and it showed but our d is starting to get lit up bad.

Agree!!! He just rubbed it in their faces most of the time, trying to roll off and bounce off tackles instead of sliding. He better get smashed by someone next game to set the tone. I remember a game back in the day when Roger Aldag ran down the field on a punt cover and absolutely pasted the return guy just as the ball touched his hands. Was it a penalty…yes…was it maybe unethical for a 300 pounder to paste a 180pounder…yes…but the message was well received.