Chad Kelly's Disgusting Behavior

Sitting on a couch in a stranger’s home could be an indication that he’s suffering permanent concussion symptoms so maybe he didn’t need take much of a bell-ringing to issue in a relapse. LOL


Lets see what happens when Argo team doctors (maybe they don’t have any) ask Kelly to submit to a MRI or CT brain-scan. Kelly may be able to weasel out of this by threatening to play elsewhere and muffins like Pinner & Dinwiddie will easily be intellectually over-powered by Kelly in his resistance to appropriate medical tests.

In today’s CFL its more about the winning than it is about player’s health. . . . . . despite all the gains the PA seemingly thinks its made.

So, the age Kelly is right now and if he has yet to learn the nuances of the mental game in a huge play off game… And henceforth goes out and lays an egg… Well I do not give him credit that he can learn from said experience…and yes this could very well be due to the fact he did a lot of stupid stuff stuff under the influence in those past years… That does tend to change one brain for life…seldom for the good, in fact never

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It is a real joke that Kelly won MOP! He is the least deserving MOP I can remember for a long time.


Sorry CFL fans. Kelly’s MOP award was at the request of all Hamiltonians who were afraid if he lost one of us would find him sitting in our house uninvited and we would have to chase him out with a vacuum. Oh wait, no, we would use a Hammer :joy::joy::joy:


I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing sunglasses over those Manson Lamps of his while receiving his award to cover up the effects of bright light after his so called concussion . :eyes: :sunglasses: :crazy_face:


On one of those Jefferson delays to the end zone he revealed later that he wanted to flip the ball to the guy who made the strip. When he realized that he wasn’t coming down to the end zone he went in. I’m not a fan of such things because, well, score when you can because ya just never know. Willie has grown up a lot but sometimes his extroverted nature just makes him do silly things.


I agree but the hate should be directed towards the idiots who vote. While I don’t like Kelly he doesn’t have any real say in getting nominated or voted for. The only QB, IMHO, that had a MOP worthy season was Adams but it even he wasn’t as good as Brady. The only other truly worthy MOP candidates were all on the defensive side of the ball Awe, Pickett, and McManus. Pickett was victim of crap voting too. Betts was damn good but Pickett was better.

Is it possible that it was undetected by league spotters and Argo staff? Absolutely, I didn’t see or hear, keep in mind QBs were mic’ed, but that doesn’t mean something may not have happened. However, if Kelly knew something was off and it was hurting his playing then he’s obligated to tell someone. No matter which way you look at it Kelly was the only one who could do something about it because the spotters and Argo medical staff aren’t clairvoyant. If you’re hurt take knee or tell your coach/medical staff. But he didn’t so the “blame” falls on Chad not the Argos or league spotters.


Congrats to Kelly, welcome to the cfl.

Yes , congrats to ML Kelly on his MONB award .

If you remember 80’s Ti-Cat kicker Bernie Ruoff, he would get injured just from the draft of the kick returner blowing by him. :smile:

I liked Bernie but I never saw such a fragile football player before.


A lot of fans are too young to appreciate your last comment, but it made me laugh out loud.

Lyle will remember Bernie as do I. He started as a Bomber but apparently smoking pot in the free and liberal 70’s was enough to get him dismissed. I always liked him but wasn’t aware of his injury fragility but will take your word for it. Bernie also appeared on Dragon’s Den some years back pushing a board game with his buddy if I recall correctly, but didn’t get an offer.

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Yeah, Bernie could get nicked on a whim but always managed to get on the field to kick field goals and do a bit of punting.

Not really a guy who’d go after a returner, but in the process of hiding from blockers, he could inadvertantly disrupt the running lane, allowing his teammates to catch up.
Interesting character - a toker & a joker!
Didn’t see him on Dragon’s Den. Bernie must be 73 to 76.

Also, anyone know why Doug “Bubba” Brown didn’t do color w/ Derek Taylor in Bomber’s Western final?

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I could tell he was waiting for someone, but I think his teammate would be just as happy if Willie gave him the trophy ball. Oh well, he avoided a fiasco THIS time.

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Like I said previously just get in the end zone lol. Darn showboating. Save that for after.


My point exactly.

Of all of the players who have left to go south, I will miss him the least if it happens. Then again, I would be really surprised if he gets anything beyond the opportunity to compete for a roster or practice squad spot. Naturally, his ego will push him to look at NFL offers but he is no Nathan Rourke. Not as young and not as good, MOP be danged. Though I truly feel for the hard core loyal Argo fans who support the team, I must admit that I was not sad to see him implode in the East Final.


Yes, definitely feel bad for a diminishing core of great Argo fans. Historic.
But they did manage to squeeze their 18th Grey Cup from a gassed and poorly organized Bomber kicking squad.
Marc No Leggio became a disgrace to professional place-kickers everywhere. . . . earning the Garro Yepremian awards. The guy was lucky his kick was blocked, he can blame it on bad blocking - but the sad fact is the kick was basically skulled full metal jacket left. Hard to watch again!