Chad Kelly's Disgusting Behavior

Usually happy that my squad (Wpg) won their game and are going to next week’s Grey Cup but Chad Kelly disgusted me.

#1 - After tossing a pik to Dequoy in the 1st quarter, the speedy Kelly had both angle and closing time to hunt down Dequoy and prevent a Montreal TD. But instead of picking up speed, speed we know Kelly has cuz of how he ravaged Winnipeg in last year’s Cup, Kelly gave up the chase after only a few steps and Dequoy glided into the Toronto endzone. This disgusting play was made all the more clear a few hours later when an obviously banged up Vernon Adams, Jr., tossed a bad pick to a Winnipeg player. With the game out of hand, only a few seconds left, the banged up VA, Jr. tracked down the Winnipeg pick man, (Holm I think it was) and with all his ails he subdued Holm on his on 5 yd line. A guy like Kelly would have walked off the field - Adams would have none of that. Pride, when it appears, even in a losing cause teaches us all a lesson.

#2 - After being gassed by the Als, Kelly refuses to shake hands with opposing players at game’s end. Totally classless.

I thought Ryan Dinwiddie was going to be LSOY (Laughing Stock of the Year) after turning in a pukey coaching effort today but after witnessing yesterday’s events - Mr. Chad Kelly is the biggest laughing stock of all.

Funny thing, at the Grey Cup banquet this week. Dinwiddie will be announced as Coach of the Year, and Kelly will prolly take Most Outstanding Player (edging Wpg. runner Brady Olivera)


The difference between talent and greatness.


Dinwiddie did not have his team ready to play. After the first pick 6 the team sagged and never seemed to recover. When during your entire season everything seems to go your way most games and you clinch first place so early it falls on the coach to maintain a team’s edge. There was no resolve in this Argo team as the Montreal defence took over the game with big play after big play. DInwiddie and the Argos rode their regular season accolades into the playoffs but when it counted they were flustered and flat. Montreal played the game at hand and had the necessary toughness mentally and physically to win. I did not see the no handshake by Kelly but that is certainly poor sportsmanship.


Like Mike Tyson said, everyone’s got a game plan until they get punched in the mouth.

Chad Kelly was living proof of that on Saturday afternoon


You are wrong about Kelly catching Antoine Desquoi, who is by far faster (4.35)


You cannot ignore Kelly’s troubled past. Yeah he has talent, but the anger and narcissism still lies beneath.


The information out there about Kelly’s troubled past and narcissism give pause to ponder. Only positive is the Argonauts have a man in their organization who can gently confront Kelly and sugarcoat his Nov. 11th deficiencies - that man’s name is Mike, aka Michael “Pinball” Clemons. I’m sure Pinner has already spoken to Kelly, or will be waiting behind a corner of the Argo locker room when its time for Kelly to clean out his locker.

Pinball will also be Kelly’s designated “minder” during the CFL awards and most of Grey Cup week in Hamilton (should Kelly not fly the coup and bolt South)

Didn’t know Desquoi was that fast. Thanks for that. However, Kelly still had tons of angle and a head start while Desquoi secured the football. Kelly gave up the chase after only a few steps. Dinwiddie is unable to outwardly show disgust to his star player. Evidently, Dinwiddie, despite the gruff demeanor & Mountain O’Shea man-beard is almost as terrified of angry players as head coaching bust Paul LaPolice.

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Agree with you.

And does not excuse the fact Kelly took his ball and headed home after the game.


I knew he wasn’t going to catch him but not only did he stop running he actually turned his back on the play and started running back toward the bench. At first I thought he had pulled up and popped an ankle or knee


It was a really bad look, not only for Chad Kelly but for the CFL as well.
Juxtapose the battered, barely walking Vernon Adams, Jr., fighting off blocks to valiantly pull down a Bomber pick-returner at the Lions 5 yd line - a meaningless and unnecessary effort unless you’re Vernon Adams, Jr. - and you play to the whistle whether you’re up 10 or down 10.

Adams valiant effort balanced out the indifference shown by Kelly. Sometimes, when you have angle, the purpose isn’t to make the tackle on a speed demon, its just to get in the runner’s way, hoping he backtracks to evade and other speedy pursuers are able to catch up and drag him down.

Vernon Adams, Jr. lost a game last nite, he kinda under-performed - BUT HE NEVER STOPPED TRYING, HE NEVER STOPPED HOPING.
Never been more proud of an opposing player than I was of Mr. Adams. Hope Vernon somehow sees this - or his family - or Mr. Chad Kelly - maybe even Pinner Clemons!!!


With such an abysmal horrendous performance last night, (4 INT’s, 2 PICK6’s, 1 FUMBLE, 4 Turnovers on Downs) defeatist effort, and poor sportsmanship, Kelly has essentially hit the final nail on his NFL coffin.

What sane NFL exec would pick up the phone after that catastrophic outing?


I need to calm dow. Copy of email to buddies. (perhaps this is redundant - sorry):

"First hats off to Montreal !
Pinball is a CLASS guy; and credit him with getting 26,xxx fans to the final.

Kelly shocked Peg last GC no planning and schemes. He really is still a ROOKIE and had no real adversity, when it mattered. He read his press clippings too much. Not only did he stink the joint out, his baby tantrum of not congratulating the victors is DISGRACEFUL.
It’s so bad Pinball should consider trading him ! Unless he publicly apologizes !!!
He owns we Argo fans and the CFL that at least.

Dinwiddie (sp) should have sat him (not benched him) for two series to let him calm down and absorb what Als were doing.

They have all winter.


PS If they still anoint him CFL MVP it will be a joke, there are at least two proven experienced QB’s better than him.


Buddy is right, " You are right, predetermined."
Still stinks.
Did he make the team or did the team make him? Exhibit “A” Lions…

The ironic thing is that Kelly will show up at the podium this week to accept the MOP award I previously stated I didn’t think he deserved. If the voters had another vote this week I’m sure that wouldn’t occur.

I don’t want to overly dump on him in the wake of a brutal loss, but his character issues were evident some time ago when he considered himself above the team on more than one occasion. He will perhaps be the most unworthy MOP in CFL history.


40 yards is hardly a few steps


They say you can tell the true character of a person when things don’t go their way. We can all argue about how he should act, but I understand at that moment emotions unfortunately get the best of you.The question is can he learn and move on. This will be a very long offseason for him. He will dwell on the one bad game, and forget about the rest of the season. It can become a slippery slope if he can’t move on. On the field he imploded. It happens. Even Tom Brady had bad games. Unfortunately it happened at the wrong time. We had the biggest crowd at BMO, and the team was starting to gain traction off the field with more publicity. Let’s give the Montreal secondary credit.They had him forcing passes, and hesitating when he should have been running.It’s a big disappointment but that’s sports.There’s always next year. Go Argos.


Disgusting because he gave up on chasing down a DB? I don’t think any QB would try to run 100 yards and chase him down.
And he was frustrated after that, an angry, not much help from his receivers or O linemen.


Exactly. There was no way Kelly was catching him.


It is a real concern that any new and/or casual fans that came out last night may be hesitant in purchasing tix in the future after this debacle.

The Argos made some great strides at the box office this season and I’m fearful that they will take a step back next season.
Hopefully not as the league needs a healthy viable Toronto club.