Chad Kelly suspended minimum of 9-games for violating gender-based violence policy

TORONTO — Toronto Argonauts quarterback Chad Kelly has been suspended for 2024’s preseason games and a minimum of nine further games for violating the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) Gender-based Violence Policy. Mr. Kelly will be required to undergo confidential assessments by an independent expert and attend mandatory counselling sessions conducted by a gender-based violence expert.

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Well so much for those complaining about the CFL doing nothing about the situation. The league has acted in an exemplary fashion so far.

I had thought they might wait until the civil proceedings had concluded, although an interim suspension would have been necessary had they done so.

Now we know that there is some meat on the bone of the allegations and that they were not made up by the coach. It would be nice if the investigative report were made public but I doubt that will occur.


“a minimum” is an interesting inclusion … although I doubt it will me more unless some VERY SERIOUS shyte hits the fan (meaning becomes public) between now and the 10th game.

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Half a season for Kelly…at minimum.

No other details regarding consequences for the team but expect it should come clear soon


Well! Well, well, well, well. Obviously the witnesses came through for coach x.


Wow. . . just wow.

To those who were predicting that the league would sweep this under the rug. . .

So there.


There is a new site generated topic on this. I am thinking that maybe we should now use that topic. What do the rest of you think? Jack? We don’t need two topics.

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I agree.
Got a link?

9 games eh ? :beers: :laughing: :eyes: :+1:
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“Mr. Kelly’s suspension is the direct result of his behaviour."

I’m happy with how the CFL handled this. Hats off to them.

They didn’t act on impulse, they allowed the investigation to take place without anything being held back as soon as they were made aware of the situation, and they are now punishing a guilty party.

“That in-depth investigation found that Mr. Kelly unequivocally violated the CFL’s Gender-based Violence Policy.”

With that being said, I disagree with the punishment. He shouldn’t be allowed to make a living in the CFL after harassing a co-worker in this manner.

It’s not a great look on the Argos if they keep him around. I won’t be cheering for him as an individual moving forward that’s for sure.


Well done CFL,
Of course he will appeal the suspension


I got a feeling that Manson Lamps will never play another down in this league again .


So he’s gone for at least 9 games. I doubt it affects the $300,000 signing bonus Kelly received earlier this year… which forms the majority of his 2024 compensation. If not the financial impact is likely limited to half his $144K base salary.


Yeah, as much as I’m happy to see Kelly face consequences for his behaviour, half a season seems light on both him and the Argo organization, some of whom were clearly cognizant of Kelly’s behaviour as it was happening. I would have preferred a year’s suspension.


The league should be commended for how they handled the situation, I for one am surprised.

The only grey area is if any punishment will be handed out to the Argos brass - e.g. John Murphy.

The facts surrounding the Toronto Argonauts’ conduct in this matter, as laid out by the investigators, will be reviewed with the Club.


In due course I expect.

I also wonder if Pelley will weigh in? He’s been under the cone of silence so far.

Doubtful given that MLSE is fighting the wrongful dismissal suit…

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They had Murphy out the door once before and allowed him back in for whatever the reason might have been . This time they should make it permanently .


Kelly will have to handle his counselling sessions a little better than Johnny Manziel did if he wants to return this season. :wink: