Chad Kelly and the Argonauts in legal trouble

I would be elated if this was the case and Kelly could still be on the field for the Double Blue! Ecstatic!

I expect Kelly to receive something like a 4 game suspension.

The bigger issue though is that he seems to be a powder keg ready to explode at any moment. Can he be controlled? I’m not sure Pinball’s arm around his shoulder can do the trick.


Billy Martin, behavioural issues galore and termed by some as “baseball’s bad boy” as manager in MLB, along the lines of a powderkeg I’d say, didn’t do too bad as a manager.

I don’t think it’s about controlling so much as perhaps educating Chad along the lines of “Chad, we all have unique personalities and problems in life and we aren’t perfect and we don’t want to control you and make you someone who you aren’t by nature, but with some counselling and education that we have set out for you, we think you will be an excellent CFL qb for years to come and an asset to the Argos as you mature into a better player and human being”.


What is Kelly referring too?

I’m not very familiar with Friesen so I can’t comment on the statements made by an anonymous commenter on social media. I know he has been around for a while but I normally don’t read the Winnipeg Sun. When I read a local newspaper I usually read Dos Equis, I mean the Winnipeg Free Press.

I think I saw this article before which was written on February 29th. I didn’t agree with his opinion then and I don’t now. He is criticizing the CFL for taking a week to announce an investigation. That in my opinion is lightning fast, especially when compared to other scandals such as Hockey Canada and the Black Hawks.

What else was the CFL supposed to do? The article says that Ambrosie received the information on a Wednesday and decided to authorize an investigation the following day. No doubt he had to run a few things by CFL Legal and then there was a weekend in the 7 days as well. He made the announcement 7 days after finding out about this for the first time.

I would think the accusing coach should be happy with that swift response. From what I have read she is a pretty together person and a tough cookie. As the article says, she alleges that Chad’s harassing behaviour went on for two years. Surely an investigation being launched within 7 days of the matter going public is a more than reasonable response from the CFL. It is the Argos that dropped the ball in handling her complaint in my opinion, not the CFL, although the league still has ample opportunity to get some egg on their face when punishment, if any, is eventually meted out.

I have no idea how Friesen reaches his conclusion and he doesn’t give any reasoning. Looks to me like grandstanding or clickbait or whatever you want to call it.

Edit: I overlooked the fact that within this one week Ambrosie also hired an investigator. That would entail selecting an investigator or firm, meeting with them (likely via Zoom) and agreeing on the parameters of the investigation, cost, possibly timelines and likely signing some kind of retainer agreement. I just don’t see any feet dragging here.


Who knows, but I don’t see how you can spin his post as being positive.

If he is referring to the mess he is in, and I don’t know that is the case, his post would be nonsensical. Knowing something about football has nothing to do with sexual harassment.

If he is referring to something else, he should have specified what that was or better yet refrained from posting in the first place. He doesn’t appear to have the self awareness to recognize that any vague or cryptic post made by him at this time will likely be associated by many as relating to his current legal troubles.

At the very least his post was condescending and insulting to fans of the CFL. Maybe he was responding to someone who criticized his play? I would suggest that his post is not an appropriate response if that is the case. Maybe he was day drinking again?

Of course a CFL QB has more knowledge of the game than a fan but that does not mean that the opinion of others are automatically invalid and labelling those opinions as “laughable” is inappropriate and unnecessary. I think Chad’s knowledge of faucet repair is more than likely “laughable” compared to a plumber, but I wouldn’t put it that way.


Yeah who knows. But if he is referring to harassment as more or less part of the culture of football and people should just know this is how it is, see English football below, well that would be a sad reflection on his part how he doesn’t seem to want to be a part of changing such culture:
“A survey conducted by the group Women in Football found 82% of its members reporting some form of discrimination, defined as including sexism, sexual harassment and derogatory comments on ability based on gender, up from 66% in 2020.”


Also this situation in the MLS with Sporting KC shows that indeed fans can have an impact on teams and who they hire amid sexual misconduct cases although this mentions abuse and not simply harassment:

Sporting KC reverses course on hire of former Portland executive Gavin Wilkinson after fan pushback

“Wilkinson was fired in 2022 after multiple investigations, including one into the sexual misconduct of former Portland Thorns coach Paul Riley.
Sporting Kansas City said Friday that it was no longer moving forward with its hire of former Portland Timbers and Thorns executive Gavin Wilkinson.
The MLS club announced last week that it was hiring Wilkinson to be the team’s sporting director. Wilkinson previously served as the Timbers’ general manager and president of soccer for both the Timbers and Thorns until he was fired in 2022.
Wilkinson was removed from his role in Portland amid loud calls for his ouster after investigations into his role in covering up the alleged sexual misconduct of former Portland Thorns head coach Paul Riley and the organization’s role in not communicating domestic abuse allegations against a Timbers midfielder to the league.” …
“In 2021, Portland Timbers midfielder Andy Polo was accused of domestic abuse. According to a report by The Athletic, the Timbers knew of the accusations against Polo shortly after they were made, but didn’t tell the league office until they became public nine months later. The organization was ultimately fined $25,000 by MLS.”


There is a parallel from the case you cited to the present case.

That is it appears that although the Argos knew about the allegations since at least November of last year, the league didn’t find out until the allegations became public. Different allegations as you point out, but the same principle.

If the CFL reacts like MLS we can expect a fine levied against the Argos for their gross mismanagement of the situation and failure to report it to the league. Essentially a failed attempt at a cover up. I remain curious as to what, if any, discipline Pinball will receive. Surely he knew about this and was therefore part of the cover up. Although there appears to be substance to the allegations, even if there wasn’t they still should have been reported to the league, so arguably this disciplinary issue stands alone from the actual outcome and any findings made against Chad.


Well here we are in April as the clock ticks down to the CFL draft and Training Camp. Read a Big write up today on Keith Pelley now on the job and what he has been doing. etc etc. Attends a Rapter practice with their Manager, flies to Montreal to watch the Leafs, has meeting with Shanahan and will probably be noticeable at the Blue Jays opener. But the only mention of the Argos is that they are owned by MLSE. Doesn’t sound like the Chad Kelley problem is high on the MLSE menu at least publicly. Maybe because it has already been dealt with. Mostly talk about this 8 billion dollar giant called MLSE and how they (Rogers and Bell) will very likely buy out Larry T. So will will have to see what happens, but it appears most of anguish is coming from outside of Toronto. Sometimes its a good thing as one of the topics on here states, " Toronto doesn’t care about the Argos".


Yes, if the coach had the exact same situation with the Leafs or Raptors at the same contract level (laugh, laugh) as she has now, my guess she’d be looking at a whole heck of a lot more money. But exactly as you mention, this is basically and “under the radar” situation on the sports scene in Toronto and most probably the rest of the Canadian sports scene.
Let me talk to my first cousin Julie Adam who is on “the same page” here as Keith, first link Wall of Fame at the RTA School of Media, well Julie now is as below in the second link, I knew she was going places when our families got together way, way back when, she was a firecracker and smart as a devil and would have been an excellent pro athlete these days albeit pro means you have to have certain physical size despite talent and such (sadly but is what it is) and now, well let’s just say I’m "way out of her league, completely " on a casual conversation level.

And that’s a shame and a black mark on the city. Never much of a sports town considering the population other than hockey compared to many other Canadian cities in my opinion. I used to live there.


jon, Toronto just “needs” an NFL team and then they can probably more appreciate the Argos as a team within a league that just needs empathy because they aren’t in the “big time” but we sort of still “love you Argos” with your littleness and “cute Canadian history” and not much relevance any longer around these parts but we still “care”, we have “feelings” for you Argos and your fans. “Your” being a “from there within Toronto” “your” sort of thing. We sort of just feel “sorry” for you but really do “love you”.

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Are you serious? Just because Torontonians don’t support the CFL doesn’t make it a bad sports town.
They just don’t see the Argos as Major league
The Blue Jays average attendance was 38k last season!
The TFC even with their worst season ever was 25k average
The Raptors? 19k playing on a small court in a big arena? would half the people in there even see the court.
A lot of great fans in that city for every sport including the Argos just not enough CFL fans

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What you’re missing mikem is that such a situation in an American city with their understanding of sports to communities moreso than Canada I would say, simply wouldn’t happen, that is why, one reason, why college and university teams in the U.S. where most athletes from their programs will never go on to be pro, get way more respect than the Argos and support.
Toronto is just sort of “weird” in this respect to every American city with regards to sports, I can’t imagine the support for the Argos in such a league as the CFL that existed in the US in an average sized American city. The only argument you could throw at me is the American Hockey League which could be compared with the CFL in the U.S. and yes, the American Hockey League with a great trophy as the Calder Cup is viewed as strictly minor league and gets very little television or media coverage on any national level in the U.S. Fair enough there if you chose to go with that argument.

I suppose the question remains what exactly are the Argos to/in Toronto in this new pro sports environment in Toronto where in the past, the Blue Jays and Raptors didn’t exist? Or TFC for that matter. I don’t have clue where the Argos and CFL fit in there… Back in the day it was just the Leafs and Argos. Life was simple then, not as complicated as now. Thankfully I’m on my way out of here as someone retired and on their way out. Not sure the “new world” is all for this guy.
We’ll see what Keith Pelley will bring to MLSE and most importantly to me, the Argos. If he can bring anything to the Argos come to think of it.

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Dead serious and this discussion has been had before and I don’t intend to rehash it.

Per capita Toronto isn’t a great sports town, especially when it comes to football. Winnipeg where I live now is far more of a sports town in a far more competetive market- that is a sports team or any business will find it much harder to succeed in Winnipeg given it’s limited population.

I worked out the math in previous posts and won’t go through it again, but suffice it to say that the numbers you throw out are completely unimpressive in a market of some 8 million. Winnipeg can draw 45,000+ to a Bomber and Jets game on the same day with one tenth of the population base to draw from. Now that’s a sports town!


Since we are off topic, and we are :slight_smile: I think this is a disturbing trend in Ontario with participation in sports by youngsters. Didn’t know MLSE performed this analysis (link to the study in this article doesn’t work):

More details on Mr. Kelly’s model behaviour:


Holy mackeral, she is very lucky to be out of that environment with the Argos and away from this man, thinking here she’s very fortunate that she didn’t have anything done to her physically, I mean really physically, as far as we can tell, that could have jeopardized her physical health in any permanent manner. I don’t think I’m over the top saying this, don’t think so.


More poop to deal with.
Is there any doubt that Chad wanted much more than a dinner date or a simple evening out among friends here.
This woman also lost her job and quite possibly any future employment with any pro sports team .
This not a tiny insignifigant happenstance.