Chad Kelly and the Argonauts in legal trouble

I empathize with these comments.

This is a bit early, but I figure why not given your comments.

In many respects before this incident, Chad Kelly’s troubles and travails reminded me of another quarterback long ago with great talent and higher potential yet with far greater troubles and lows in his life, not that Kelly might not head there fast now beyond the field if he does not get some more help too AFTER all is made right to resolve this matter.

We have yet to know, if we even find out what comes out, what is really going on in Kelly’s life now that could have contributed to leading him to behave allegedly in such a wrongful manner towards a woman in general, let alone at work, as well.

Perhaps Ryan Leaf and Chad Kelly have met and talked once. Perhaps not. I can’t speak for either to meet of course. And if they have met, perhaps they ought to meet again.

But if they were to meet, based on what I heard in this tale from Ryan Leaf from two years ago and how he’s recovered in life in general to truly come off as a different and better person, and perhaps some of us can relate comparing our 40s or 50s selves to our 20s selves too, well I’m all for it to happen for Chad Kelly once this matter is resolved.

Now the Argos and the league should move VERY FAST to make proper improvements on this front.

Kelly’s been to many of these bad places on and off the field to go with the shining moments on the field, so maybe Leaf would be of help.

If you like great and true football story with much in it for life in general in any field, this is one of those worth a listen.