Chad Kackerts tweet

He tweeted Brack saying he would help him in any way in his appealing of the fine. Very classy of Chad as well somewhat prooves Bracks innocence.

The actual Tweet:

chadkackert ?@chadkackert 1h @TBrack41 If there is anything I can do to help you appeal the fine I will speak on your behalf.
And the response from Brackenridge:
TYRON BRACKENRIDGE ?@TBrack41 @chadkackert I really appreciate that bro! #MuchLove
Straight up class from Kackert.

Went to the CFL main page to read about the fine and hit and followed the link "Kackert hurt in Argos loss to Riders". Now I know I shut this game off because of the horrible officiating and never saw the 2nd half, but I'm pretty sure the Riders lost that game not the Argos. Did I miss something or does the league really not know the result of its own games? :roll:

The article it links to is correct, so someone probably just out the wrong label on the link.