Chad Johnson USA Today article re: hugging ref

CJ may not be tearing up the turf the first few games, but is bringing added international publicity for the CFL and it's ESPN broadcasts.

[u]Chad Johnson caught his first CFL touchdown and hugged a referee[/u] USA Today
  • Montreal Alouettes wide receiver Chad Johnson caught his first career CFL touchdown in his third game Saturday, but the Alouettes fell 34-33 to Winnipeg.
    Johnson caught a 46-yard bomb from former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith in the first quarter, his only catch of the day. Johnson celebrated by giving a referee a quick hug.

Good for him. Hope he succeeds up here.

Makes me wonder if there are any other Chad Johnsons out there...

he hugged the ref because it was not a touchdown.I never seen the game live but must question why the play wasn't challenged... In Johnson's defence ...the ball was under thrown after he clearly beat his man.But that simply was not a TD

People read USA Today???

Every scoring play is video reviewed

USA Today is the widest circulated newspaper + news website in the U.S. with combined readership hovering at approx. 210 million per month, and is circulated globally including Canada and the UK.

Pretty much all international airports carry this newspaper in terminals as well.

that's a lot of eyeballs, and the CFL can use as much publicity as possible to grow the game both here and internationally, as well as TSN who can also benefit from additional International CFL PPV subscriptions.
(thereby further increasing value to the CFL brand and its broadcast license)

I'm still surprised that they didn't give him a penalty for " contact with an official."

The CFL Rules Committee may have to implement a 'No Hugging, Kissing, Cuddling or Spooning the Refs' rule to ensure this type of infraction does not occur again.

Penalties such as team bear hugs or performing the Tango with opposing mascots should suffice, with no cup QB pass drills to the groin area for repeat offenders.


I think he should've been fined...

If he continues to do it, warn him, otherwise it is good publicity for the league.

I have been pleasantly surprised with the "chad Johnson" experiment. He truely seems to be a changed man. He's very much about "the team". Would have been REALLY intersting to see what he could do with AC at the Helm!



Let's be real, it's only been three weeks. I won't be convinced until he goes a season without becoming a problem or a distraction.

And there should have been an objectionable conduct penalty, ten yards applied on the kickoff. I've seen them given out for a lot less in touchdown celebrations.

I agree w Big Dave, he's still in the honeymoon phase here, we'll see what happens once he is comfortable with his surroundings.