Chad Johnson - Predictions

What are your predictions on Chad Johnson? Some questions I have are…

  • Will he make the team?
    If he makes the team will he be a factor or will he be injured most of the time and become the next Ricky Williams?

  • Will he play more than one season in the CFL?
    Heck… will he even finish one season?

  • Will he be productive? Dominate? Be a non-factor?


  • What do you HOPE happens?

Who cares!

I care.

I really like him and I think that he can be very good for the CFL.

But I was watching the pre-season Ottawa vs Montreal game and he doesn't seem to care much about the forward motion rule. He just stood at the line of scrimmage until the snap of the ball... not going to work buddy.

I think he was an end on most plays. Maybe he hasn't figured out the timing yet, so they made him one of the receivers who couldn't move pre-snap.

He was practicing with 1st team offence before you got hurt. If thats the case will MTL be worse than the RedBlacks.

Its will be like Andre Rison and Argos. He will be a depth receiver, maybe catch 20 ball for 300ish yds. Might play in 10-14 games to to injuries.

I thought he looked good. He runs an efficient route and is sure handed.
Montreal's receiving core is very imposing.
Using the waggle is determined by the offensive co-ordinator not the receiver but I am sure once he gets use to it
he will be very good at it.

I was thinking more along the lines of 500-700 yards this season receiving but maybe I'm giving him too much cred? :thdn:

Did you see the press around his locker last night after the game? I guess everyone was impressed with the big night he had - one catch??
Too bad Burris was overlooked, 275 Yards passing in less than one half?? :x
or Chevy Walker - 3TDs

I predict that, based on last night, he is going to wish he was playing with a veteran quarterback like Burris rather than a strong-armed, wild young'un like Troy Smith.

Who Cares, he's a bird from Montreal!!

Cats enjoy dining on Birds especially from Montreal, it's called Smoked Bird Meat!

Chad will get Smoked by the Cats!!


He caught ONE ball in limited action and I didn't think looked that great. I know he missed a catch or two at least. If they really wanted him to get used to the game they should have played him more. Can't understand why they would keep him - hard to teach an old dog new tricks as Austin discovered with Burris last season and the CFL is WAY different than the NFL.

:thup: :thup:

I think it'll depend more on Troy Smith than himself. I'm not sold on Smith by a longshot. In fact, I don't think he'll be the Al's #1 QB by the end if the season.

An Argo-Cat fan

I know it was an pre season game and all, but the Als looked worse then the expansion RedBlacks.

But the way he caught the ball and threw himself over the 1st down line, it was simply amazing.:slight_smile:

My small town high school QB could have played better. And I thought my cats would be fighting Ottawa for last place ,maybe not.

Looks like he needs the money

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I expect he could make as much or more money on some TV panel and not have to factor in the exchange rate or Quebec/Canadian taxes. A CFL salary is not "maintain the mansion" level.

I’m expecting 5 river dances from Chad this season. hopefully not against our Cats