Chad Johnson: CFL talent same as NFL (aside from elite)

[b]Chad Johnson @ochocinco Besides the elite NFL players, it's all the same... RT @MrArancini: @ochocinco hey bro how you find the talent in the CFL compared to NFL.[/b]

Whats your question? The only thing Chad Johnson had going for himself was his name “Ochocinco”. If he was any good he would still be playing in the NFL.

some would say its the 10000 yards receiving in the NFL that he had going for him but w/e

If Chad could learn a new playbook he would be still in the NFL. Nothing to do with his ability to catch a football.

If the NFL has all the best players, why do 2/3 of NFL teams stink

No of course the 80 k average salary in the CFL attracts the best of the best :roll: :roll:
What does that mean 2/3 of the teams stink ?? according to who ?? If that's the case, the CFL has a whole conference that has been garbage for most of the year. Enjoy the CFL as our game. Comparing it to a league that is in a different stratosphere is ridiculous.

It's ridiculous to believe that all the best players play in the NFL. There are 1000s of college grads every year and nowhere near enough teams for even the top 2%. Certainly there are élites but they are represented by at most a handful of players per team, if any at all. There are around 950 NFL rookies per year (drafted and un-drafted free agents) out of over 70,000 college players. Only around 300 will actually make a team and there can be many reasons why a player doesn't.

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It isn't complicated, the "best players" are the 1-2%.

Ricky Williams said the exact same thing when he played for the Argos...that there was no difference in the talent level between the CFL and NFL. The NFL players might be bigger on average but that's little advantage on the huge CFL field. There is little question that the backup NFL players are superior to the backup CFL'ers, who are mainly Canadian. But with the starters the talent level is very similar.

The dbacks in the CFL, and wide side linebackers as well and d ends , while generally a bit too small for the NFL for the NFL to really look at really close, have to be solid because of the passing game here and how important it is. That being said, I find the running game in 3 down ball to be very interesting and how teams utilize it and what talent they have in that position.

As you can tell, I'm a defensive type guy first and foremost.

No guff,eh.

Ricky Williams give him credit was a realist and he spoke from experience.
I for one have never subscribed to the theory that just because it's the NFL(American) and they get more money, all the best players therefore must be there?

Actually, it IS complicated. If it was easy every team would have a 500 record. The line between the very best, the best, the good enough and not quite good enough is a fine gray one. This why the Raiders suck annually while the 9ers are usually pretty good. The 9ers are simply better at recruiting, recognizing and retaining talent. Not all NFL teams evaluate talent equally. MANY great players fall through the cracks. All coaches and players will tell you that. Try asking them some time.

Don't forget that there are some great players that play on really sub par systems and lower div teams, thus never getting a eyelash batting from NFL scouts. There are simply too many to look at them all thoroughly. The only way some guys get a shot is that their coach knows a guy who knows a guy who is a jr scout who takes a look for them.

I think I agree with you. Among those that DO make it, there are many busts. There will always be an unpredictable element to scouting so undoubtedly some guys fall through the cracks too.

So yeah, to suggest that a player is among the best simply because he's in the NFL can not be accurate. There are too many Ryan Leaf's and Kurt Warner's out there (though not all on the same scale, obviously...).

if he was 25 yes. but he's past his best years, nobody in the NFL wants him.

Why bash Canadian players?? because someone said something about your nfl god,s (nfl worship sunday :roll: )

The fact is, Because of the Ratio rules, Many good Canadian players never leave Special Teams.

As discussed many players fall through the cracks, and many solid Canadian football players never get a chance after University or Junior Ball.

And_ Doug Flutie said the same thing as Johnson and Williams, do you think they know what they are talking about!!!

A country of 300 million who's number one sport is football, will have a MUCH DEEPER talent pool over a country that football is not the number one sport. It's 10 x smaller in pop. Simple math. We have some great players but no where enough to compete with the Americans. The Americans put 20 x the amount of money in their programs and coaching .

is it number one sport?, many athletes play baseball , basketball , hockey, soccer. yes the states is bigger, but the CFL nly has less than 1/3 the professional teams. And the ratio has been around as ling as the game so I don't see your point, my point is we have the potential to develop more players out of junior ball. and have more Canadians on O and D in CFL.

Football is the number one sport in the USA - by a mile. Many of the best athletes play football. Here a good chunk of our best athletes are steered to hockey. There are 800 college level football teams in the USA. That is something like 60,000 players - with the top of those all striving to make the NFL including the best Canadian football players.

To deny that is quite simply to deny reality.

Does the CFL have some incredibly talented players - both Canadian and American. Absolutely. Are some of them better players than some NFL players. Yes. Does the NFL have the vast majority of the best players - absolutely.

Not all that different from watching some AHL games compared to NHL games. Do some AHL players have some better skills than some role players on NHL teams - absolutely - but overall the NHL has way more of the very best players with the best skills.

Some of you would never admit that - but that is somewhat comparable to what the situation is CFL vs. NFL IMO and as a CFL fan - there is no shame in admitting that.

CFL is not the AHL it is not a developmental league owned by and for the NFL.

Does the NFL interfere with CFL player development definitely!! absolutely!!