THE hot topic today. No-Maas or Cha-Chang?

No question the kid is good. He looks poised and very calm on the field. He looks like he is having fun out there. He can MOVE out of the pocket and make something happen. If Maas cannot produce, and he sputtered last night against the pre season pick to win the Grey Cup, Chang is the answer. I would rather go through a season with this kid learning and making things happen than go through what we went through last year. If Maas is hurt, admit it and accept it. Time to move on to another healthy QB.

Remember, the same guy is calling plays for both QB's...........Hasn't the line "NO EXCUSES" been thrown around this pre-season?

If Maas is hurt, the Cats do not have any reason to play an injured player that will be detrimental to the team.

Maas cannot produce, I've been saying since the day I heard a rumor that the Cats might be signing Timmy Chang, that he should be the starter. I will not sit back for another seeing and watch Maas try to develop. Obviously Maas is done, why waste the season, put Chang in and leave him in, if we're going to lose developing a QB, I'd rather have it be Chang then Maas, Enough BS, Get rid of Maas!