ch sports saturday

some interestings from tonights sports. katz says he tried to trade yeast but no takers
2.yeast was released for a locker room incident
3.ken peters surrounded by the ticat players after practice to apologise for last weeks spectator story and sundays sportscope appearance

ps probably some of this will be repeated on sundays 11:30 pm show

Good report ,I saw the same thing on CH !
Very interesting .
Bubba made a good report.
Never a dull moment.

Wonder why no one wanted Yeast????????

I can think of two things.

  1. He has a reputation

  2. GMs and scouts don't like his game.

How many times do you see a player traded for at least a draft pick. The fact that there were no takers at all speaks volumes to me. The CFL has always been quite accomodating to players and their needs. (ie Comiskey trade to Hamilton)

  1. GMs knew he'd eventually be cut and they'd be able to pick him up without giving up anyone. Although I doubt anyone will pick him up as anything more than an emergency injury replacement.

Even if someone did, what would we get for him. I think we got Vaughn for a 6th round pick. I wouldn't put the two in the same class.