CH reports Morreale and Hitchcock gone

They’re holding off on cutting them and may allow them to retire first. At least that’s a possibility reported by CH

I guess Baumann and Getzlaf are impressing.

Just heard on CH that they're official announcement as there's speculation about "retirement announcements".....hmmmm....

Tough PR move....

Growing sign here that business is business....not gonna be dealt with very well by many fans..


Ken just said that Rob Hitchcock and Mike Morreale are going to be released. Wow! Love the guys but if they cannot make this team I say we must have a terrific group in 2007. Perhaps just a case of age catching up on these great players but I know I speak for a lot of fans when I say I wish then nothing but the greatest success in the future if this report is correct. Thanks for your efforts on the team and for the city.

Thanks for posting this information. I would not have heard about it at this time had it not been for this post. Being out of town has its disadvantages, but fortunately I have this site where where people can fill me in on actual breaking news. :slight_smile:

Both Morreale and Hitchcock did well in the more limited roles that they had last season. However, it is preferable to have players who are not starting to be younger players who are on the way up, rather than older ones whose careers are going downhill. It has been suggested that players such as these two no longer be a part of the team, in order to make way for the future of the team. And once again, I’m sure that Taaffe is the kind of coach who can be trusted to make these kinds of decisions.

Both of these players certainly have done much for the team in the years they have been here. And as it appears that Hithcock and Morreale are on the way out, hopefully the next Hitchcock and Morreale are on the way.

That’s about all I have to say about this at this time.

I"d be very surprised to see Morreale gone this year.

Well said.

There is no question now that this is the dawn of a new Ti-Cat era. Good luck Mike and Rob and many thanks!

Morreale might still have some juice left in him to help out another team that could use some veteran receiving help.

but you'd think he'd be able to stick around on a team who's only non-import receivers are Brock Ralph, Chris Bauman and Chris

BYF, I couldn't have said it better myself. I's a sad time for Tiger-Cats fans, yet I hope that these two athletes can retire with dignity, having given their all for the team through thick and thin.

I certainly wish the best for Mike and Rob; guys, you will be sorely missed.

Of course, if this isn't true, then go out and give the Bummers heck on Friday night.

I can remember way back to when Joe Zuger was released...I remember when Rufus Crawford got cut...certain times where the cold realities of the business can jar you.

If indeed this is correct, it's another one of those moments for me. Particularly in the case of Hitch. I've always liked Mike and had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times, but Hitch has been a bedrock of the franchise -- that glue in the middle that epitomized the best of Steeltown defences like Bennett and Henley before him.

I salute this two excellent players and wish them all the best. If this is their last ride, they will be missed.

Oski Wee Wee,

it has to be True...
Today Charlie and Marcel where not at Practice when it Started
Missing also Was Hitch and Mike.

I Found this to be Very Odd Coach Taaffe was missing.
Once Coach Taafee came out ..30 Mins Late.
The Women Beside me ask Where is Mike.
Coach Taaffe Point at the Building.
Charile Then Said he is still Inside .
Both Mike and Hitch Never came out for Practice

No one Said Anything ..About them Being Cut.
I thought they Just banged up.
But now this makes Since.
I had bad Gut Feeling now I know why
Sad Day Sad Day For us All.

Every one should Go Buy a 18 ir 42 Jerserys for Home Opener. To Say Good Bye to these Great Players.

this is so sad :frowning:

The cats would do well to keep them on in a Mosca-esq role if this is actually true, and they'd accept the offer.

VP of PR or something of the sort...

Mike Morreale performed well during Ticat training camp this year. Both he and Rob Hitchcock still have something left to contribute to the team. If the report on CHtv is correct, their departure breaks the final links between the 1999 Ticat Grey Cup Champions and the current team. Many thanks to these two gentlemen for their outstanding contributions to the Ticats and to the Hamilton community and one hopes that they can stay connected with the team in some capacity.

Sad on a personal level.

Optimistic on a football least for me anyway. No emotional picks for the team this year...only the best will remain standing.

The team is getting faster and younger and better!

They were constants when the team was good and more often bad. Great Ticats but this makes me think the team is really believing in the philosophy of the best player period. I guess if this is carried all the way to Jason Maas he had better produce which I think he can but if he does not he is gone as well. That is the way to run a successful football team really IMHO. We're going to be very competetive this year.

Thanks for the compliments on what I had to say. I do have to see this as the time that the players who'll take the place of those who've done much for the team in the past begin to do so. Are one of Bauman and Getzlaf going to be our next Morreale? Or better?

That is a good point. After a number of other non-import receivers were cut by the team, I thought Morreale would be here for one more year. And I understand that he did well in training camp as well. But this decision appears to have been made with the future in mind.

As for Hitchcock, he did well on special teams last season. But it's the upcoming season that matters, and so it might be best for the longest-serving current Ticat to be on the way out as well.

Anyway, I'm seeing quite a few duplicate threads reporting this, which I can understand. Lots of thread merging might have to be done here. Quite a few people will have an opinion on this.

I Understand This had to done..
I don't like it but I Understand ..

These men that Bleed Black and Gold are Gone
They Loved this Team and We Loved them Back.
I am In Shock
I Still Understand this is a Business
My Last Thoughts of Hitch Will be Him Holding his young Son on Father days after Practice.
Photos of Our Hamilton Heros

These where taken Fathers Day

Sad sad Day but the Dawn of New Era..
It allways Darkest before the Dawn..

Ken just said that Rob Hitchcock and Mike Morreale are going to be released. Wow! Love the guys but if they cannot make this team I say we must have a terrific group in 2007.
Other than these guys making an impact off the field unfortunately we need to make an impact on the field and I really don't thing they would contribute.

I posted in another thread about this, but I guess this one is the unofficial vent-as-coping-mechanism for people on the board.

Going into this camp I had this possibility in the back of my mind. The apparent veracity of this (the cited CH report) brings that outcome into living, breathing reality.

I recall how I felt when Rufus Crawford was shown the door. As a fan, that kind of transaction jars you into the reality of the business. Cutting is the proctology of coaching and the managerial imperative in pro sports. It is a common refrain that it the toughest aspect for all coaches.

I think it's also the toughest aspect for the passionate fan.

I've felt similar melancholy with the releases, trades, departures, and retirements of Henley, Ealey, Gabriel, Edwards, Waszczuk, Clements, Shaw, Priestner, Bennett, Stapler, Zambiasi, Covington, DiPietro, Winfield, Flutie, Ozzie, McManus, and now Hitch and Morreale. There are many others that didn't register as much for me.

The death of Tom Pate was something I will never forget. As a young boy, I cried that night hearing that news. It made the humanity of the sport hit home in a way that hasn't left me. When I last walked on the field of IWS, I paused for a moment and reflected about that night. Ghosts? Glory? Something in between, to be sure.

These men are a part of your lives. Vicariously, yes. But palpably. I shook the hand of Angelo Mosca a few years ago. The hieroglyphic of thanks and admiration that one transmits silently in shaking the hand of a true great in something one is passionate about...

People can easily dismiss these things in this crass, superficial age as hero-worship. Then there are nights like this and such postured sniping wither in the ether.

I thank Rob Hitchcock and Mike Morreale for their contributions to the legacy of this storied franchise. And I salute Ticat fans from coast to coast to coast to hemisphere. Especially on tough nights like this.

Oski Wee Wee,