CH Needs to Get things Right Wrong Player interviewed

CH Needs get know our Players Better
they Though they where interviewing Tony Miles.
But I sure it was Chris Thompson not Miles they Interviewed

Get it Right Guys

Anyone Else see this .. I am sure it was Thompson.

Youre Right On! … I just saw it too and had a good howl!

I didn't see it but i doesn't surprise me they made the mistake . my opinion is they get alot of facts wrong toooo many mistakes it makes them look backyard news . they also do not have alot of local news ,one night there was more hamilton news on a toronto channel than ours unacceptable

8) Yep, I saw that also. Just had to laugh at how pathetic that station is !!!
 There is no excuse for that kind of mistake at all, especially when they are dealing with our home town team !!

 Steve Ruddick is a joke also for not even realizing the mistake himself and saying that that was not Tony Miles.  But what can you expect from Ruddick when he is doing sports one night and then doing the weather the next night !!!

He certainly is a jack of all trades with that station, isn't he  !!!!            <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Anyone remember a couple of years ago, I think it was a day or two before an early-season Ticat home game, and he used up the entire 7 minute sportscast on a story about Cayuga Speedway? Then briefly showed a slate that day's World Cup scores.

That was A-1 quality!

I’ve pretty much stopped watching CH all together, they are such rookies, plus they havent even upgraded to HD yet. CityNews = WIN.

Onknight, That wasn't even Chris Thompson... That was Rontarius Robinson they interviewed.

EDIT: I was gonna post again but I'll just add to this. I just wanted to say that people make mistakes sometimes.

I laughed at the interview but there was no need to bash them when you guys yourselves didn't even know who the player was. lol

Your Right ..Bonds
I tape it and Went back to Team photos
It was Rontarius Robinson.

When looking for news, any news, including sports... why would anyone even tune into this station?

There are any number of good quality, current affairs (including Cats), that can be found that have much more credibility than CH, or the Spec.

Unfortunately, this market is terrible for news coverage and that includes T.V, print and radio.

the specs not too bad, CHCH has its isn't that bad either, AM900 does a pretty good job.. they're not THAT bad..

Two words: Michelle Dube

You're right hendy, all three are terrible. The Spec is the only local media remotely competent. Barring the Ti-cat broadcasts CHML is brutal and CH is downright embarrassing. The news is bush league-90% of it is feeds are from obscure American channels and every day they have a feature on a new cancer cure! By the number of health stories they have on miracle cures, you would think the world would be rid of every disease ever known. Their coverage of the professional teams in the Hamilton area is abysmal. I feel bad for people who have worked there in the distant past and those who are still there now. CH when it was CHCH was a great local station with excellent local coverage. It is now a total joke run by people who don't even live in the local community.

The Spec remotely competent!!...,Not!! don't forget that the Spec is a "Torstar" newspaper with a Left leanding bias - yuck. But at least they have not bad local sport coverage.

thats true, the highschool sports coverage is decent