CH Interview w/ Ron

Earlier tonight on CH news, they interviewed Lancaster, Morreale, Hitchcock and Maas. Lancaster seemed to say that there would be a whole new coaching staff next year so its in the guys best interests to keep playing hard. The other thing I noticed, actually it was glaringly obvious, was that Maas seems really pissed. About his play, and the overall play of the team. To me, it means he cares. Maybe all is not lost yet afterall?

yes all is lost and yes he does care unfortunately he doesn't produce.

How can we not be upset maybe a grey cup shouldn;t be expected every year;But CFL respect should be and damm were not even close.

I'm between here and there with Maas, but I have issues with linemen that cannot block, receivers that do not run correct patterns or timings.
What tees me off is the misuse of talent, and the kneejerk reaction to fans, because this plainly gives away the gameplan (ie give the ball to Holmes and Ranek).

Lancaster, sadly, comes very close to the truth, in that next year they are "history", and this contributes to the ruination of the TiCats today...we have rotten coaching...

reed vouched for his defensive playcalling and unit’s talent. i see cody,goss bradley,brooks,auggy,mariuz,shaw,belli,cheat and dunbrack as all id keep
erdman’s special teams have improved somewhat,but full of mistakes and no big returns with holmes.
poapoa hasn’t changed his offence, or tried to use ranek,holmes enough and can’t run the ball.kahaui can’t get his line to block and no adjustments.
lancaster don’t wanna be head coach (i hope).
they’re all gone but hope they keep mcphee somehow and let him work the def with sudsy.