Ch-ch-changes coming to Eskimos

Just posted 40 minutes ago in the Toronto Sun by Gerry Moddejonge: sooner or later something will happen to personnel, be it coaches, players or management. Time is running out on options, but is it the answer? Defensive tackle Dario Romero; "Would that help, I don't know, there's no simple answer to it." Linebacker Javier Glatt; "It gets to the point now at 0-4 where you play for everything." On the 630 radio 5th quarter the fans are lividly mad. To fire coach Hall at this point, not sure if thats the answer. In my opinion is to replace Danny Maciocia if it hasn't happened already. The fifth loss at home is unacceptable, and you can bet your baked cookies that the Lions are gonna be pumped to take it to em Big Time.

Glatt's comment is kind of funny. I thought they would've been playing for everything last night. :roll:

At this point I'd try anything Maybe DM has to come down from his Perch and help with Coaching so Hall can concentrate on the D, maybe DM and Strasser can put their heads together and come up with a game plan that will work . If they lose against the Lions then sweeping changes .

I'll drive Chapedelaine to the airport if you guys will take him.

I can't see you going 0-5. Here's a hint, watch the game film...Chapdelaine is so predictable, you defense should be able to figure it out. :cry: :cry: :cry:

It's not (just) scheme anymore in Eskieville. They laid down against Winnipeg. That's a bad, bad sign.

Possible roster changes: Patrick Kabongo; is he deserving to be benched? If the O-line has trouble with their blocking assignments, perhaps Zabransky who can roll out would be worth/given a chance for playing time. From what I seen in the Winnipeg game on certain plays they undeniably quit and or had no emotion. If that's the case, Coach Hall is to blame for not having his players ready. If it happens again on Friday with a loss to B.C., will Coach Hall be relieved to DC and be replaced by Noel Thorpe? How about OC Kevin Strasser; he should be nervous since he's working with the same depth chart that was handed to former OC Rick Worman last year. And then there's the big question that is waiting to be answered: Will Danny Maciocia go first? My take on the upcoming game this Friday at Commonwealth is the Eskimo's will win this football game. :wink: Sources say the Esk's have brought in six foot two, 205 pound non import receiver Tyler Scott who previously played for the Argos.

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