Ch Ch Ch Changes

Seems to be a common theme the last few seasons. I wish this team would shore up and get a identity. I am hopeful for a win. I don't get the Colclough move though.

Not Major, 4 on Defence, and 2 on Offence, Defence needs to find the right chemistry , Offence is being treaked, Both sides of the ball are banged up a little, so it makes sense !!

It's funny, I thought by reading the headline that CHCH TV was making some changes :expressionless:

Will anyone notice Webb not being out there ? I'm betting no. Ditto Colclough.

I really hope "coming off the roster" means going on the injury reserve and not getting cut.

And we thought our IR was long before. :expressionless:

This is starting to remind me of last year, where at one point in the season, we had six defensive starters injured. And people wonder why our defence is less than stellar? I'm just glad that there seems to be better depth on defence this year.

Hinds seems to be the player to lose his starting spot but stay on the roster. No surprise there, as he had a pretty brutal game last week.

Maybe I'm a pessimist, but starting 0-2 for a 4th straight season is looking like a legitimate possibility. We know about the defense, but now we're rolling out a group of receivers that appears to lack talent as well. A 3rd string right tackle, too.

I don't care who we're playing this week, if Kent Austin gets us a win I'll be pretty damn impressed.

You don't think losing your top receiver (Fantuz: 10 rec, 155 yds, 1 TD) is a "major" loss for this game?

Sure, there are a lot of weapons on this team, hopefully someone steps up, If you noticed last game B. Grant and O. Jones were guarded really well, so Fantuz and Ellingson had great games !

Silly to write off what Burris and Austin can do on offense without Fantuz (who hasnt been offically declared hurt yet). Its the defense that is the worry.
Reilly and Stamps will know exactly where to attack- and Stamps is good against any defense. EDM got blown out but he still had well over 100 yds. rec.

For what it's worth, Fred Stamps is banged up !

8) Changes, Changes, Changes, on a game to game basis. What else is new with this team !!
   Not talking about so called injured players either.  This is an all too familiar theme with this team, going back a few years  

Kavis Reed talks about Fred Stamps after practice Thursday

And he talks about Hamilton

Demand change. Complain when changes are made.

Welcome to Hamilton , Kent Austin.

Huh? … not sure about this terminology.

I can assure you that the Tiger-Cat Coaching staff do not read these forums. So complain away. These forums are purely for our (us fans) entertainment.

This team will be fine. Give them some time to gel. Montreal I'm not so sure. Not one coach with CFL experience and AC looked awful old last night.

An Argo-Cat fan

Totally, Barney! You have almost a completely new coaching staff, with a number of changes on defense and some on offense. There will be time needed for all to get used to each other and the respective playbooks. Take Montreal for example. During their first game and into the second one, Calvillo was left many times leaving the field shaking his head and showing signs of temper. After the back end game against Winnipeg was heard throwing his coaches, including Hawkins "under the bus". And yet before the season began was singing the praises of the new schemes.

Toronto's offense against Hamilton was firing good, yet when they played B.C. couldn't generate enough mustard for a pea shooter.

The veteran Tiger cat players have seen so many different coaches and plans over just the last few years. Given the situation, I would need time just to get the other stuff out of my head, let alone digest properly anything just handed out.

We still moved the ball enough to score 34 points against the defending Grey Cup champions, in the FIRST game of the season, and were within ONE catch of winning it in THEIR red zone.

I suggest that they be given a couple of games before assuming too much.

From Game One's 46, 10 are out -- 7 to 1-Game Injured, 1 (Fortin) to 9-Game Injured, 1 to PR, and 1 Released.
Fantuz, Jones, Figueroa, Peach, Colclough, Webb, Boudreax to 1-Game.
Dubisson-Lebon was released earlier in the week.
Beaulieu-Richard to PR

Onto the 46 for Game Two -- Bussey, Williams, Gant, Hobbs, Diedrick, Parks, Plesius, Norwood, KIng and S. Scott

Well Caretaker...since you asked. I'm fed up with the coaches never coming in to read these forums! They should be listening to our input as we clearly have more know how about how to be a coach based on our zero coaching experience! :wink: