ch 11 sports ???

sometimes i'm real convinced our beloved hometown ch is mocking me or something.

here we are 48 hrs until the home opener, ready to watch an update on the ticats injury update or anything onthe 645 sports. instead i have to stare back at ken ruddick and a 7 min spot on a possible new cayuga race track to start of the show followed by a quick 30 sec world cup clip.
sorry, but what a joke. it drives me nuts that this station is so inconsistent and oblivious to the need to give our cats at least an acknowledgement.
who is the programmer? wake the hell up!

I live in Ottawa and tune in to CH sports now so I can get some CFL and Ticat news, there is absolutely zero CFL coverage in this area since the Renegades folded.
Yes I was disappointed to see the whole sports cast this evening devoted to an upgrade to a race track. I was hoping to see an update on Josh Ranek and maybe coverage of AC Collier starting with the Cats.

Good post emms1 ! My sentiments exactly. This station has really gone down hill over the years. Unfortunately, they're all we've got.
Have you seen the new Smith and Hayes show? This one scrapes bottom with some of the so called talent they air along with cooking tips and other insignificant crap.
This half hour spot could easily yield some time not only to Hamilton football, but to the Hamilton Bulldogs, playoff hockey, baseball, etc. Soccer really doesn't fly in North America, although I personally don't mind it but slot it in at the bottom of my interest spectrum.

Did you notice how the News at Noon did away with all sports for a couple of years. I called and wrote to the station and complained at length about this. I forget which station moron I was talking to, but he certainly wasn't listening so a bunch of us fellows at the gym decided to boycott CH TV and lo and behold, the sports, in a very minute way have reappeared on that channel.

Many areas of local sports are better covered on Cable 14.

We could certainly use another Channel in these parts for Hamilton viewers so we could, at least have a choice of programs.

bubba o’neill and ken welch seem pretty passionate about the cats. but the station’s personality should be more in touch with this city’s only pro team.
however after tonights excellent race track updgrade story i’m sure the viewer ratings will skyrocket in binbrook and cayuga.
i wonder what the anchor people are thinking to themselves during these tiger catless programs.

Totally agreed emms1, CH is disappointing.

Bubba O'Neil is great, and I would love to see him on TV regularly covering the Cats.

If you asked them what the only pro team in town was tehy’d probably tell you the bulldogs…

That's what you get when a Toronto based network i.e. Global buys ch.

usually there's at least something about the cats.

steve ruddick is simply a knob. because i don't think i'm allowed to use any stronger words to say what he really is.

there should be a show on the ticats.. like the bills have in buffalo, that'd be wicked. weekely updates and old and new photage

I have to agree 100%. But as long as CH has been run out of Toronto it has become irrelevent.

I was walking down Main Street a couple of years ago and Global was doing a live telecast outside the courthouse and there were 3 or 4 hecklers standing in the background chanting "go back to Toronto" I was so proud at that moment.

I agree, the sports coverage on CH is nothing short of pathetic.

There should be a Ti-Cats show on Saturdays at 5:30 with player interviews and profiles along with what is happening throughout the league. This would not only help to make the players/coaches more identifiable in our community, it will also help in installing interest from the casual fan and possibly attact new fans to the league.

How does everyone feel about this?



I like Bubba as a Person..But for Getting My Sports news..
No He was not Even Good Enough for Burlington Local Community 23

Quaterback Down Indeed... :lol:

I don't even watch ch 11 much any more for this reason emms, not worth waiting for the sports to see practically no TiCat coverage.
A friggin race track news over Cat updates, what a joke?
By, by CH.

The problem in this country is that practically most of the media is in some way controlled out of Toronto and this is a problem but not much we can do. Don't let the media run your lives though, dangerous, afterall they are a private enterprise that operate according to the wishes of their owners who have their own personal agendas apart from the fact that they do have to cater somewhat to what people want to make money. Maybe this thread will do something, who knows.

8) Some things just never change !!! We have been complaining about CH TiCat coverage for the last 2 years on this site, and there is still no improvement !!! I had exactly the same feeling the other night watching that sports nonsense regarding the race track, and not ONE word about the TiCats, just 48 hours before our home opener !!! Just accept the fact that CH is a rinky dink station, that is completely out of touch !!!!!!!

So CH didn't have any Ticat news last night?

That rarely happens. Odd.

Almost every day during football season
when Ken Welch does his Sports Report,

he does a short interview with a player
or 2 and he has some news about the team.

The morning before the game
both teams make time for the media.

Ken will have something today.

ahem... Winnipeg....