CGY's Quinn Smith suspended for PED's

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 25m25 minutes ago
#Stampeders DT Quinn Smith, who was busted for PEDs at the #CFL combine, receivers three game suspension for PEDs

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 25m25 minutes ago
That is the first violation since the #CFL's new anti-doping was created in the spring. #Stampeders

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 23m23 minutes ago
Normally a first time offender gets a two game ban, but Quinn gets three because of his combine violation. #CFL #Stampeders's a witch hunt

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His 2nd violation in 2 years,
why not the 9 game suspension for 2nd offence?

[b][i]"Players who test positive will face a two game suspension for a first doping violation, a nine game suspension for a second violation, a one year suspension for a third violation, and a lifetime ban for a fourth violation.

Violations will be publicly disclosed once all appeals have been exhausted. Under the previous policy, a first positive test result was kept confidential."[/i][/b]

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"Quinn's punishment could have been a much harsher nine-game suspension, but his first violation pre-dates the CFL's new policy." - From the TSN article. ... s-1.564138

If they were testing for real, it was bound to happen eventually. CFL players should probably be glad they don't have the UFC's policy. First offense there is measured in years, not games.

Yes they are out to get the Stampeders! I swear that was not a penalty PI in the last few seconds of the game! Oh wow I just woke up from a dream!

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Well no wonder the Stamps are in first place. They are a bunch of CHEATERS. What a disgrace to the league. Huffnagel and Dickinson should each lose their full years salary over this. They had to know it was going on. I hear the People of Calgary are in an uproar over this and walking around all grumpy and vowing to get revenge on whoever ratted him out. Stamps should have to forfeight every win they have this year while he was in the lineup..................................... :smiley:

I admit, I LOLed. :thup: :cowboy:

And even after a 2nd failed test in a young career the kid essentially goes with a I didn't know I was taking something banned.


For anyone who believes him, I have some water-front land in Florida and some other loonnngggg-term investment , beach-front land in Arizona.

Agree with you on that! It seemed sincere enough and as a student trying to keep up with studies and football I was willing to cut him some slack. However with a second failed test I really have to wonder if he knew exactly what he was taking when he tested positive at the combine. Sure can NOT buy the excuse that he did not realixe what he was taking this time! :roll:

For years the CFL claimed there had not been ONE repeat offender a claim Doctor Ayotte disputed.

The very first player caught under the new more transparent program is wait for it: A repeat offender.

Well, there were no repeat offenders before because they'd just not bother to test someone multiple times. :wink:

Maybe the Stamps will cut him. Then the Riders can sign someone with some talent.

That was truly funny!

Not going to happen! But I have to wonder how the hell does this get through customs as he ordered it from the states? Or is this product allowed to come into Canada. Regardless Smith needs to be more accountable to what he is ordering and what he is taking no excuses.

Why buy it when certified safe supplements are supplied by the team?
I would say there is only one reason, he wanted the illegal stuff
He cheated, He got caught, AGAIN!!!

"Each team in the CFL will provide appropriate National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified supplements to their players, with the list to be developed by mutual agreement, based on professional advice."

[url=] ... 16-season/[/url]

You are probably right and I am sure the Stamps have sat him down and told him no more outside supplements or his career will end. This young man has lots of talent plays both sides of the ball but he feels the need to cheat and that is so wrong. Time for him to get his priorities straight. He needs to understand he is being watched and as an adult he should research what he is taking. If not then he will not change he will be caught again. Three game suspension is all he got he was lucky If I were the head guy of the league he would have been banned for much longer. But I am sure the CFLPA had something to do with the punishment length. I am a Stamp fan and feel this kid better mean what he says and stop taking this shit. It will kill him sooner or later.