CGY needs a drop back passer- Burris is done

I believe Huffnagel is the best coach in the CFL, he has done wonders with what is a very very poor passing quarterback.
You can only run the zone option so many times before teams figure it out-

With the current offense and Burris once they fall behind on the road by 7 or more, its basically over, cause then Burris has to throw the ball. Burris can be a game manager, but you cannot expect this guy who cannot even throw for a 100 yards to win a game or even make a play or even score a crucial td if behind.

This shows imagine if CGY has a good drop back passer, they would be amazing. Burris quite frankly has peeeked, he is not getting better, he is a lot like Mike Bishop, a good athlete with a rocket arm but very little football savy and feel for the game-

Cgy has a decent team but needs to bring in a young QB who can throw the ball, then wtih the brains of HUFFNAGEL they can kick every teams butt, as they will be able t have a legit passing attack.

Please Huff send Burris packing, he is done and was never even remotely a decent professional QB, there was a reason why Chicago Bears from the NFL sent him packing and was shocked on how poorly Burris played when given the chance-

Burris is always the guy that cannot win the big game, last year the team won, and not Burris.

Hey Calgary welcome to the Cobra99 is a freakin' nut club, Edmonton got the same long winded knuckle head review of Ricky Ray this season several times.

He also believes Travis Lulay is the greatest QB since Flutie. :roll:

ahaha oh i know him sean, but his advice this time might be a bite in the backside for im...maybe calgary will claim ray on the offseason if he decides to leave the esks

Don't lay the blame totally on Hank's shoulders. Teams win as a team, and lose as a team. The 13th man was the difference. Hank would have eviscerated the Riders if Mosaic had been quiet. Home field advantage WAS the difference.

Let's see Burris won the G.C. last year and a semi final appearence this year. Yes he is washed up :roll: :roll: Repeating is hard to do, it hasn't been done since the Argo's in 96,97 .

I'm pretty sure cobra "explained" why Durant wasn't any good this year too.

Obviously Cobra is looking for retaliation here. Honestly, Hank needs to be more of a leader, instead of getting caught up in all the talk, he needs to settle his guys down and show them that you can't win by talking.

Burris is far from done. I would take him in a heartbeat. He tends to come accross as cocky at times. His comment about seeing who ever in the cup before playing the Riders was ill advised. It came back to bite him big time. I liked the poster in the stands towards the end of the game - Time to start the bus Burris. That was quite fitting… :cowboy:

whos your starting qb again there lionslip? dont come here saying our qb is cocky, whether he is or not is not the issue...but you have printers so go to your forum and whine about him there

Burris I agree is far from done, this was the same stuff I heard back in 2007, we all know what happened a year later.

I popped in here to check Stamps fans reactions to Copeland, spotted this and dropped jaw, till I seen who wrote it. Let's face it Rider fans loved to have the hate on for Burris BECAUSE he is a great QB, and left us to a division rival. I give him credit for usually staying composed in the wind tunnel called Mosaic. I was at the Aug 08 game Cal vs. Sk where they beat us 30-25 before a sold out crowd. We hammered him with volume, but he keeps cool under that.

Cobra99........ yea right it's Cobra66 - upside down head snake.

And Calvillos been done for 3 years now.

i was searching throught the stamps threads and found this one... Looks like this guy was proven wrong.

Yeah, he looks pretty stupid right now. Actually he looked pretty stupid at the time... Burris has always been great. I honestly wouldn't trade him for any other QB in the league, and I believe he only gets better as the game progresses.

the only burris downfall there ever was, it seemed he would almost self distruct on occasion. but with the defense there to prop up the team when burris screws up, it seems to have helped him with his confidence after a misfire.