CGY @ BC predictions

I personally am really looking forward to this. I live in the land of lions and I would love it if the stamps beat them down yet again. It never gets old.
I'll say 28-18 for the good guys, and Casey goes down with (insert random injury)
Now for wrath, now for ruin and the RED dawn
Go Stamps!

Calgary - 29
Lion's - 19

Lions spank Stamps....Sorry can't say that with a straight face just kidden



Well, fair to say that was an a$$ kicking, despite the stamps not playing very well on many occasions. Probably a good thing they were playing BC and not a good team. There was a point where, if BC weren't total (okay mostly) garbage they could have turned the tide. I hope the stamps don't lose focus after playing poor teams for several weeks in a row.
Good to see Tate in there getting it done.

It's nice that the defence picks up when burris becomes an interception machine. Was burris over the line on that one touchdown?