CGY Back up QB Andrew Buckley retires to pursue Medical Career

“I’ve been accepted into medical school at the University of Calgary, and it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on. Studying medicine has been my goal since I was young, and this is the right time in my life to pursue it.?

A shame for the Stamps and league, but can't blame the guy for wanting to become a doctor.

Makes sense to me . Just a mature decision . Good for him .

New Canuck QB's on the horizon . Give them a shot as well .

Wow. Well good for him. I'm sure he thought long and hard about it and couldn't combine the two. Randy Gregg a defenseman for the Oilers completed his medical degree while still playing. Several have done it in law.

Medicine requires 6 to 8 years of hard study for most disciplines.

Hardly any folks taking medicine on a part-time basis. Buckley, soon to be 25 is probably of perfect age to take this on - start practicing when you're 31/32 and make anywhere from $300,000 to a million per year, depending on specialty.

Football probably pays him $95k to $115k for another 4 or 5years - with possibility of critical injuries.

Wonder who they go after? Boxcar Willy (Drew Willy) is always available out of Montreal via low-pressure trade. His ticket is way down now, after a few years of inglorious play. Basically Bo-Levy Mitch is gonna take 90% of the reps - and has a great track record of rarely getting injured.

I'm sure this hasn't taken them by surprise. I'm also sure they have more than one on or nearly on their roster.

Drew Tate may still be available. He'd be a seamless add.

Yup that's why they have training camp.

And the injury need not be paralysis or concussion related ... it could be as simple as a badly damaged hand, which could compromise his career if his goal is surgery ... of course he could always ... seek an alternate career path

Contrary to popular belief Gregg wasn’t a fully licensed MD when he played for the Oilers. He finished his schooling at the UofA while playing for the Goldenbears, however he didn’t do his residency until he retired from the Oilers. There is no way one could play a pro sport and become an MD at the same time. Some have become lawyers. That can be done part time and quit frankly isn’t as difficult as becoming an MD.

Julius Erving managed to do it 8)

Mike Emrick did it too and he was a hockey announcer!

Good decision for Buckley. Good luck on this next chapter of your professional career.

Good work. Joining other University graduates pursuing their PhD's.

(Was getting ready to heckle the Mixture on his return to T.O...)

I suppose treating concussions is better than living with them. Smart move for Andrew. Possibly stand on the sidelines for the next 3 years or trade for a life in medicine. No brainer.

Good Luck!!

Hamilton has a certain QB currently on their neg list that the Stamps might be interested in . Maybe Huff can call 666-222-Cats and maybe work something out . I'm sure that they must have an old bag of practice balls and a few kicking tees lying around someplace that they can offer Hamilton to get a deal done . ;D

You're talking about Everett Golson right? 8)

If it was just stand on he sidelines the injury risk would be minimal ... but his specialty is plunging into a stacked line to try to gain 1-3 yards ... ouch

You bring up a good point and it crossed my mind when it comes down to the ethics of medical professionals. We can imagine that the most idealistic and highest ethical timing of the personal stance a future doctor would take - is the ‘right here, right now’ position that Andrew Buckley is in. He may be weighing ‘get concussed’ vs ‘prevent getting concussed’ - and not only from his own personal experience but from the perspective and experiences of any future patient/client.

Plus - most doctors in Canada make tons more $ than pro QBs do.

I wish my doctors would also be so interested in this

Always need more doctors.