CFUN goes All Sports; Vancouver now with TWO Sports stations

CFUN has fired their entire staff and will be Vancouver's SECOND Sports stations.

All future Lions games will be exclusively on 1410 from beginning to end with no interference from the Canucks.

Smart move?

Press release just issued!

A message from James Stuart - Vice President & General Manager of CHUM Radio Vancouver….

CHUM Radio Vancouver is the company that owns and operates 103.5 QM/FM, The Beat 94.5, TEAM 1040 and this station, CFUN-AM, better known until now as TALK 1410. CHUM Radio is a very proud and successful company in the radio business. CFUN-AM is the very first radio station that CHUM owned in Vancouver, and this station has enjoyed many glorious years of broadcasting heritage in the Lower Mainland - and we fully intend to keep it that way.

In 1996 CFUN’s very successful run as a music station came to an end and it began its life in the talk radio world. Since that time we as a company have continually and aggressively endeavoured over the years to grow the size of listening audience, and even though the effort has certainly been there, the results have shown us that our business model for CFUN must change - and the time for that change to happen is now.

To those who have listened to TALK 1410 through the many ups and downs of the talk format and changes in styles and personalities…we sincerely thank you and we also sincerely thank the advertisers who have supported the radio station as well over the past years. I truly hope you will give our new station a try, but I also will understand if you decide that it is not for you.

We will be the new home for world class sports personalities including Jim Rome, Dan Patrick, Bob McCown and the best of the best ESPN sports insiders. We will broadcast every BC Lions game, from pre-season to playoffs, and hopefully, all the way to the Grey Cup. Along with that, you’ll be able to listen and join in the conversation with extensive pre and post game shows for all of the Lions games. 1410 is now the new and permanent full time home for BC lions football in Vancouver, and that starts tomorrow night with the crucial, must win game against the Eskimo’s at BC Place. If you’re going to the game, take your radio and you can follow all the action as only Rick Ball & Giulio Caravatta can describe it, right here on TEAM 1410.

If you missed the Canucks game on TEAM 1040…you can now catch game replays on 1410. And when it comes to big games and live sporting events that you want to hear, but just can’t seem to find; 1410 is the place. More NFL football…more English premier league and UEFA champions league soccer…more major league baseball…more NBA, more NCAA college football and the bowl championship series, NCAA march madness basketball and the Final 4. We’ll even take you to huge sports events such as the Masters, the British Open and the Daytona 500, that up until now couldn’t regularly be found or enjoyed on local Vancouver radio.

Very soon, each weekday will start with a complete half hour highlight show that you can hear between 6am and 9am. Get your scores and highlights on TEAM 1410 and then join B Mac and Scotty Rintoul on TEAM 1040 to talk about it.

The new 1410 is now on the air. This is the company that brought full time sports to Vancouver with TEAM 1040. And because we can’t cover it all with just one station…we now proudly bring you, the TEAM 1410.

For more information on TEAM 1410 and TEAM 1040, visit For more information on 103.5 QM/FM, visit And for more information on The Beat 94.5, visit


Live game coverage on 2 sports stations = good
More talk radio people simply trying to stir up controversy = terrible
Moronic callers saying the BC Lions should sign Michael Vick = ludicrous

There isnt enough intelligent sports talk to fill 24 hours on their one station; now we have two?
Or are they going to cover 'lesser' sports like grade 9 girls volleyball and semi-pro bowling. Now that would be some action-packed radio.

This has epic fail written all over it. No way the market is big enough for two all-sports radio stations in Vancouver. Of course, CHUM won't spend a nickel on local content but justify the new format by moving the Lions there. The rest of the air time will be filled with syndicated US talk shows.

Thank god for this as there was hardly enough Canucks coverage on 1040 before. I can't wait for the All-You-Can-Eat Canucks Buffet to compliment the Canucks Lunch or the Manitoba Moose Hour. :roll:

All I ask is that whatever station carries the game that they do away with the subliminal crappola. I can't stand hearing that the Lions are in the "Chevrolet Zone" or it's another "Midas" first down at the 15. Pahleeeez, give the fans a break and cut the advertising over kill. Keep the game as uncontaminated as possible. Keep your advertising but keep it confined to the commercial spots. Fans will still hear them.