CFL's Tim Card available

Looks like all CFL teams have Tim Horton's Tim Card available in each market/province. What will it take for a CFL fan to collect the entire series?

Here is a look at the Als cards I picked up today.

Will you be getting yours?

[url=] ... 0627374893[/url]

I live in B.C. and to get the Eskimo's card; $10.00 US funds on EBAY..........Just saying.

I got last year's TiCats card at my earliest possible convenience. I think they've got a new one this year, so I'll have to get a couple of those and retire my current one before it wears out. It's great that they're doing this for all teams now, as well as the doughnuts.

Hey backer...

If you PM me your address, I'll mail one out to you... maybe we could trade a Lions card for a Esks card.

I'd rather carry a Lions card around than a Esks one anyway!

That's awesome! I so want an Eskimos card! :smiley:

That's pretty cool. They also are doing the team doughnuts on gamedays again.

This is the first i have heard of this! thats pretty freekin rad. I already have 3 stamps tims cards. wich is pretty silly since they are reloadeable. so i only need one, but i couldnt resist. i was thinking about giving them away when i only have $1 left on the card, then going gettin more. im not sure what it is about football merch... but us CFL fans beed as much as we can.

Back to the matter at hand... SO what kind of donut is it? i am a boston cream kinda guy... but i can switch for stamps.

I have heard that Kevin glen owns a tim hortons or two south of the boarder... i wonder if he tried to have them promote his team

If it's anything like the TiCats version, it's basically a Boston Cream in the shape of a football.


That sounds like the perfect donut to me. as long as its got the cream centre. i hate it when i go for a boston cream and all i get is a boston.

It's worse when you think you're eating a lemon doughnut, and then you realize that it's just a cream doughnut that's been sitting on the shelf too long.