CFL's Superman! Damon Allen

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CFL Superman one to marval : DAMON ALLEN :thup:

This article is from Calgary :thup:

this guy is overrated, if he was so good, then why does he keep getting hurt and knocked outta games, superman never gets hurt in the comics.

he averages 2 games missed a season

I guess that some people are in denial :lol: :wink:

READ THE ARTICLE , again. :thup: The facts don't lie. :thup:

ALLEN's pro football records stand on their own. :thup:

  1. 3rd in all time CFL rushing behind Pringle and Reed! :thup:

2.The only Q.B. in any league to rush for more than 12,000 yards as a Q.B. :thup:

3.Almost every Q.B. passing record except 1 by MOON which he will pass this year. :thup:

  1. 4 GREY CUP rings , 2 GREY CUP MVPS , 1 MOP AWARD , 1 FANS CHOICE AWARD [at the age of 42 years old] :thup:

  2. The fact that he has lasted so long at the starting Q.B. position just adds to his legend :thup:

  3. Now a part of the 70,000 passing club with only 1 other member :thup:

I guess that some are just jealous. :wink:

I am still waiting for some one to name another Q.B. in the NFL or CFL who has played this long and started at Q.B. for this many games? The average life span of a pro Q.B. is 3 to 5 years.

This is football , every one gets hurt from time to time.

Re -recent sun article , comparing allen and flutie,Damen allen was the competition flutie had to rise above to be the CFL,s super duper superman :stuck_out_tongue: they are both great CFL (maybe better than moon?) :cowboy:

Playmaker88 seems to be well versed in comicbooks. this could explain a few things.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :thup:

For some one who hates the CFL , he sure likes posting here.

If Allen was so good he would have bolted the the NFL where the players are bigger, stronger, faster, more talented and where he would have soon found out he is not the runner or the QB everyone thinks he is. Warren Moon proved how good he was in both leagues.

Allen might even set more records, he has enough games against those hapless TiCats who have no offense and dont know how to tackle on defense.

I believe that this season might be Damon's last where he will be any good. It's almost physically defying that Allen has lasted this long and as long as he takes one more killer hit every season it seems it could cause him to eventually never suit up again.

Just look at Brett Favre in the NFL... he is the best comparison to Damon because of his longevity and his apprent superhuman strength and will to suit up, and after last season Brett finally slowed down throwing tons of interceptions and just losing his will for the game.

So theres no way that Damon is superman when he misses almost a third of the season with a broken finger and when he does come back he faces the struggling ti cats.

and the Green Riders, Als, and the Bombers