CFL's return to Ottawa closer

Montreal only Folded Once ... Ottawa has 2 Times why give them a 3rd Kick at the Cat.
The Team will only fold agian You can count on it..

Ottawa is an excellent CFL city.

Bring it on!!!

I thought 2011 was the date for a return of the football team. 2013 seems like a long time to wait, fans could be losing interest.
I wonder if is possible to put up temporary seats for the football season and get this thing started again. There is something like 15,000 seats on the side that wasn't knocked down.

I'm looking forward to the return of the CFL in Ottawa. As others have pointed out it is logical given the population and unfortunatley - average income (our tax dollars).There is also a natural rival in Montreal just down the road. In a perfect world/league an expansion team in the Maritimes would be next.

The North side stands were packed yesterday around 5PM - Ottawa U was playing Western. The Upper Deck of the south side stands is still standing empty.

It does look like it would be easy to put up temporary stands on the lower deck, but they have to renovate the stadium and it is going to take a couple of years to finish. If they get approval for Lansdowne Live by the end of the year, demolition work could start in the spring and then 2 years of construction with kick off 2012 .............but the plan says 2013.

Lansdowne plan hinges on sports stadium

By Kate Jaimet, The Ottawa Citizen October 17,

OTTAWA — Do the citizens of Ottawa want a 25,000-seat professional sports stadium?

That’s the question at the heart of the current Lansdowne redevelopment proposal:

a carefully crafted plan in which the proceeds from retail development,
which critics argue is too massive for the surrounding neighbourhood,

go to pay for the massive costs of renovating and operating Frank Clair Stadium

...critics question whether the city should spend more than $100 million on a professional-calibre stadium with swanky corporate boxes, club seating, and a flashy electronic scoreboard.

“We need to consider,

one: whether or not we need a stadium;

and two: where it will go,? says Capital Councillor
Clive Doucet, a staunch opponent of the plan.

“CFL football is a fading sport.

It’s a very, very risky investment.?

Mark Rosentraub, professor of sport management at the University of Michigan and author of the book

Major League Losers: the Real Cost of Sports and Who’s Paying for It

said that if the citizens of Ottawa want a CFL football team,

the type of financing arrangement being
proposed for Lansdowne is a good one.

“Conceptually, this is a fair and, I would argue, relatively clean proposal,?
he said, adding that he has not crunched the specific financial numbers.

He said the concerns of Bank Street retailers that

the large retail development could put them out of business are legitimate,
but can be addressed by writing clauses into the agreement

that specify what kind of retail establishments
can and can’t operate on the Lansdowne site

Ottawa is as deserving a football city as Hamilton. Ottawa outdrew Hamilton in their years as the Renegades and Hamilton’s addendance numbers this year are comparable to Ottawa’s the year they folded.

Hamilton has been blessed with an amazing owner who without we wouldn’t have a team or quite possibly a league.

Every major Canadian city has enough people interested in sports with the disposable income to support a pro team. Its a matter of of stadia and ownership.

I'm pulling for Ottawa they were great rivals for the TiCats and I saw some great exciting game back then. Bring them on as soon as possible. :thup: :smiley:

Anyone who thinks the people of Ottawa were the problem in the past is dead wrong. Both times the team went under was because of horrible ownership. Both of those owners did virtually nothing to market the team and sell tickets so only 9-12 thousand die hards were really showing up each game.

With horrible and neglectful ownership any team in any league would go under.

Your not a very optimistic fan A.....

Your happy with what the league offers ? I think we could do better ..
You don't wan't more from our Great CFL ...
Id love to see 2 teams down east added before Ottawa !!! Atlantic Canada should have shot first before anyone ..But if were going to have a big entry Draft why not have it all on one day .. Ottawa has the funds and good ownership setup then go with it .
Same for any other Good ownership i would say ...
Then we can stop seeing the same teams back to back and 3 times a year ....

You can count on it You never now unless you try so i would rather we try for some sort of expansion then not and regret it after ...

North Side Suck's hahaha :thup: Man i remember those chants back and forth No SOUTH SIDE SUCK's some good times ...Old lady's throwing popcorn at me .......Good time's :thup:

I’d love to see a CFL team in Atlantic Canada. However, that region has:

  • no stadium
  • no plans for a stadium
  • no prospective owner in sight with money to finance and operate a team
  • no base of major corporate sponsors
  • no population base of proven or known interest in a CFL team sufficient to support one

Other than that, it’s a great idea.

The Argos already have a regular season game going to Moncton, New Brunswick in 2010.

Perhaps the McCain or Irving families will jump into the frey and snag the Argos..?

Do I misunderstand something I thought a stadium was being built in Moncton, granted a small one but could be made into a CFL stadium later? I think a team both in Ottawa and in Moncton would be fantastic.

I also believe the stadium at Laval is upgradable to CFL standards and their attendance and football fans would love a CFL team. I do not know the ownership potential yet it has long been rumoured that the Laval University team is run like a semi-pro team.

As much as it pains me to say so, I think the immediate issue is ownership in Toronto

Toronto Argonauts announced as home team for 2010 regular-season game in Moncton
(CP) – 5 days ago

MONCTON, N.B. — The Toronto Argonauts are going to call New Brunswick home for one game next season.

The CFL team will host a regular-season game at the University of Moncton's new track stadium in September 2010. An opponent wasn't immediately announced, although commissioner Mark Cohon said it would likely be one of the league's Western teams.

It will be the first time a regular season game is held in Atlantic Canada.

"It's an exciting day and an historic day for the CFL," Cohon said in making the announcement at a news conference.

Roughly 10,000 seats will be added to the stadium to double its capacity.

The league plans to hold other events around the game to turn it into a "mini Grey Cup." University and high school games could be featured that week along with a parade and some parties.

"Our intention is really to create a celebration of football," said Cohon.

Even though it will be the first time the CFL has played a game in Moncton, it's not the league's first trip to the Maritimes. The Argos and Hamilton Tiger-Cats played an exhibition game in Halifax in 2005.

Also Thursday, the Argonauts unveiled their 2010 season ticket packages, dropping prices across the board on a per game basis.

The most expensive ticket will be $70 - down 16 per cent from this season - while the cheapest will be $17.90, a 46 per cent reduction.

The team made the move after conducting focus groups and listening to fan feedback.

"We are pleased to continue to deliver the best impact for your entertainment dollar in Toronto pro sports," said Argos president Bob Nicholson. "We recognize that many of our season ticket holders have faced tough economic times and have responded by reducing our 2010 season ticket prices. Our fans are integral to everything we do as an organization and we pride ourselves on bringing them great value."

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Holy Mother of Tommy Joe, the Boatmen going to New Brunswick that could kill football as we know it on the east coast. :lol:

Andrus will be better as a CFL coach next year and hopefully this limbo land of Argo ownership will be settled by then as well. C & S great guys to take over the Argos, no question, but they seem to be fence sitters, first asking Braley for sign of faith money and now seemingly doing a bit of game act in the media "well we aren't selling, but maybe we could if an offer comes in, ..." Hey guys, I don't know what you're hidden agendas are but right now, I'm not sure what you're all about. I'd like to see them discuss openly what they really want, from whom and when ie. do they want to try to go into BMO or don't they? :roll: