CFL's Power Rankings

Power Rankings, should be nothing to argue about eh? ('specially since the CFL is using new-fangled math to figure this stuff out and not the previous method of on-line internet voting available only through SaskTel)
  1. Montreal
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Calgary
  4. B.C.
  5. Hamilton
  6. Edmonton
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Toronto

...let the games begin

All the best to everyone's team this year! Cheer hard and GO CFL!!!

here are my rankings: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Saskatchewan

-infinity: Edmonton


oh i'm kidding..

I'm just so happy the season is getting under way, I'm getting sick and tired of all the politics and the stadium talk here in Hamilton. :thup: for the 2010 season; :thdn: crap that seems to be going on here in Hamilton (not the team, team is looking good, the stadium/city crap)

I'm just happy i don't have to watch Arena Football every Friday. I'm dying for some CFL football.

Edmonton in 6th? Right... I can't believe the CFL is getting into power rankings. Ugh...

From WAY south of the border:

The inaugural power rankings seem to be based on last year's playoff / non-playoff finish (Montreal in first because Grey Cup winner, Sask in 2nd as Grey Cup finalist, etc.). The stats formula will likely kick in once we've had a week of actual stats for the formula. :wink:

Even then, until teams have had a chance to play each other team at least once, a stats based formula power ranking is basically meaningless. Half way through the year, once teams have had a chance to play a good variety of other teams this power ranking could have more merit. It will be interesting to follow the final few weeks of the season since the stats they chose seem to have predicted how far each team went in the playoffs.

That's interesting. I dont recall the Riders sitting atop of the power rankings every week. I thought it was Montreal sitting atop the power rankings for most of the season last year. It sounds like you are saying that most Montreal fans have their internet through Sasktel?

So we're all agree that Daytona doesn't have a sense of humour? :smiley:

I just read the method they'll be using to make their rankings each week... and their power rankings are just as meaningless as all the other rankings out there. should do something else...


after reading this statement, I guess we all can agree that chief does not have good sense of english language grammer and syntax.

and you guys dont think I have a sense of humour. But I guess you took a shot at me in fun so I will return the favour.

I find other peoples thoughts and points of view on cfl teams interesting to read, but I think that power rankings are a sports personality/columnist/broadcasters opinion and should be taken for what they are, An opinion.

Glass houses, sir.

^^ What he said... :lol: