CFL's Power Rankings - Week #2

...with respect to dariderfan's unofficial version, here is the offical one, blessed by God himself
  1. Saskatchewan (up 1)
  2. Calgary (up 1)
  3. B.C. (up 1)
  4. Winnipeg (up 4)
  5. Montreal (dn 4)
  6. Edmonton (NC)
  7. Hamilton (dn 2)
  8. Toronto (NC)

Suprised by the drop by Montreal. I would have placed them second or third for sure.

...yeah, I agree, 2/3/4 all played against fairly ineffective teams this past week, to say that Montreal couldn't top Calgary/BC/Winnipeg in a head-to-head matching seems odd...

It's all in the math. Although I disagree with the carrying over of numbers from the previous season. They shouldn't have anything to do with the calculations for this year IMO.

i agree. i think.. putting both calgary and bc above winnipeg and montreal for week 1, from what was shown week 1 is ridiculous. last year doesnt mean crap anymore at all.

altho i suppose, it sounds like next weeks rankings are gonna be based only on this season.

i understand why they do it like they do for week 1, but i agree. its dumb and stupid and doesnt make sense at all.

sask 1. ok works for me.. but.. calgary bc over winnipeg and montreal. Not sure i agree with that at all.

I don't agree with these rankings at all. Calgary over Montreal??? TSN's rankings look much more credible and make much more sense.

If nothing else,'s ranking should be entertaining. :smiley:

BC Over Montreal? (and Winnipeg?) One Touch down, Printers didn’t look all that great. Turkeybend MUST be writting the Official Power Rankings now. :wink:

Where do you even see TSN's rankings? To my knowledge they haven't even released any yet this year.

BTW, Sportsnet has their rankings out now.

[url=] ... rankings1/[/url]

as does CBC

[url=] ... week1.html[/url]

Well at least the CBC rankings gave their explanation as to their views on the teams from 1 down to 8. Works for me.

These may not be perfect, but I'll take 'em over the CFL's. :lol: I think I prefer sportsnet's.

Theres no way Montreal should drops from 1st to 5th. :thdn:

It goes to show you these rankings mean nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well IMHO, every season is a new chapter. There shouldn't be any rankings until at least one game is played. Montreal shouldn't of started the season at #1 spot to drop that much. New season, new team no matter how many returnees on the team come back for the next season. It could be argued that Montreal was overrated last year from playing in a weak division plus age of their players could be taken into account as well. Lots of things change over the off season.

Montreal won the Grey Cup last season. Therefore they're the team to beat, so yes, they should've been ranked #1, and no, they shouldn't've dropped to #5 because of one game. Let's keep in mind the game was against the Grey Cup loser, they were on the road, and it went to double OT. Montreal should've remained in the top 3.

Of course, power rankings in general are pretty pointless.

They are quite useful. They do an excellent job fueling the trash talking fire. What makes them better at this than some incoherant posters is that there is the illusion of science and an unbiased calculation behind it. So if your team is on the top, this simply proves that they are superior, however, should your team be at the bottom, you can go on about how Sportsnet or whoever is baised and how Ted Rogers is a complete tool.

Considering they carried these over from last season, is it really logical to drop Montreal 4 spots for losing to the number 2 on the road ?

Sask goes to 1 and the Als to 2
Calgary goes nowhere for beating the number 8 at home
BC goes nowhere for beating the number 6 at home
Winnipeg went up to 4 for beating the number 5 at home ?


Is how I see it.

I think the only major movement should be Winnipeg. They were pretty impressive against what many thought, myself included, would be a superior team to them and they kicked a s s. They change places with Hamilton from the first ranking and nothing else was to surprising for week 1, IMO.

I"m sure missing something here. . .

Calgary has a massive edge in time of possession against Toronto but only get a victory that was fairly close.

Winnipeg, on the other hand, destroys an arguably better team in Hamilton.

So Calgary gets ranked a few places ahead of Winnipeg ??

Sorry, that does not compute. . .

its quite simple. It's because the stamps have the nicest jersies in the league. that counts.