CFL's most overrated player........

I'm watching the Argos and Winnipeg. Who do you think is the most overrated player(s) in the league---No Ticats please....

I think O'Shea and Belli.......and, maybe, gasp.......Corey Holmes........
(don't get mad)

Chris Brazzell, Mike O'Shea, AJ Gass come to mind.

I wanted to say Gass too.....I came to the computer to say O'Shea, Belli and Gass and I lost it on the way over....must be the beer.

Michael Bishop (starter version). :wink:

He was on my list too....but he was starting to scare me before his injury ......I hope you are right. (You usually are)

I edited it to Michael Bishop, starter version. Ever since Marty York declared that the third-string Bishop (behind Allen and Brady) was on the cusp of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, he's wait a lot. Until he learns to read defences and not force the ball ridiculously, he's a Jimmy Jones flashback for me.

Oski Wee Wee,

RE: Bishop

He has all of the physical tools.....his attitude worries me. He seems to be demanding of it becoming "his team". If you replace a legend, you should do so more gracefully. Bad times will come....they always do....where will he look, where will he point.... when they do...?

Kelly Malveaux...for sure...remember when he did the TO sharpie when he thought he had a pick...than the call got overturned and ruled a catch...hahahahaha

I've been walking around with a sharpie in my sock ever since and haven't had the chance to use it yet, but my time will come......
I included Holmes on my list. I would have crucified myself a week or so ago for doing it..but I have to for piece of mind.
I hope I was terribly wrong about how good I think he is....

and lets not forget Jamie Stoddard...eeeeep....or here in Calgary, Scott Coe!! Nice guy...couldnt tackle a ham sandwich....oh and what about Duncan " I am Lost" O Mahony...why replace "Hard Man" Burke dales???

Scott Coe colours his hair red, doesn't he? That keeps you on the team for a while.
Hoot, holler, jump up and down and you buy time....

AC in Montreal

Boy I hate the stampeders...Calgary loves them...yawn...Joffrey Reynolds is a horse, quite and humble...but the other morons like Copeland, Lewis...catch the ball and do your job...thats it!!!!!!

John Avery

Dickenson is you mean Dave? if so how come? Not refuting, just curious. How about Chip "the human mugging machine" Cox?

Re Dickenson and AC -- after you win a ring, it's harder to stick the "overrated" tag, IMHO. I don't know how AC doesn't get into the CFHOF after he's done, seriously.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think Dickenson is an average QB that has had the fortune of playing on great football teams. He's slow, fragile, doesn't have the stongest of arms, and (unfortunately) needs to drink out of a sippy cup because of post-concussion syndrome.

Dickenson is a good QB, IMHO.

I differentiate between him and AC simply because Calvillo has the stats and the ring to be a Hall of Famer, simple as that.

OSki Wee Wee,

dave dickenson....always hurt, lost a grey cup game he didnt deserve to be in ( '04 ), overpaid for the amount of games he actually plays a season, no TD passes in last years grey cup yet manages to pick up MVP ( oook? )

Dickenson has a ring, too. I think he is great when he plays.........
there is the rub........When he plays.
I guess if you don't play (cough, Chang) what good are you?
I like Chip Cox though. DB's should be "human mugging machines". There are no points awarded for interference. Take the 10 yards and start over. Don't give up the 7 points. Ever.