CFL's Most Optimistic fans

After reading some of the post regarding this upcoming season, I was wondering who the board thought were the most optimistic fans this off season.

I'll assume you mean optimistic is the same as dilusional. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep!! :lol:

When will people learn... you can't have an objective (heh) Internet poll if the Riders are involved. :lol:

I figured the Rider fans would just vote for the Riders so they could win another pool. I should have asked this question...

"Other than the Riders which CFL team has the most optimistic/delusional fans?

Hey I resemble that remark :lol:

The Rider fans have gone from being Optimistic to realistic.

they know we're a good team, they don't have to be optimistic!

the Fans I think that are being Optimistic, on the verge of ridiculous are the Esks fans..

they truly believe that they're going to be good.

Now, now....don't speak ill of your future team.

my future team?

I sure hope you don't mean the Eskimos..?


The Riders are good, people are just slow to respond.

IMO, optimistic and delusional are two different entities.. I voted for the Ti-Cat fans because they have good reason to be optimistic --their team is poised to challenge if not dethrone the annual winners of the East- the Montreal Alouettes...

As for the most delusional fans, it has to the Eskimo fans... just read some of Chief's posts as examples of that... :stuck_out_tongue:

So, like, do you have some rare disease that will kill you if you don't make a negative remark about the Eskimos...?

Already as a new fan and new to this board I can tell that the Roughriders have the most delusional and homer fans believing without any doubt or concern that they can win the Grey Cup every season.

And they have started their trash-talking earlier than others too I have noticed on more than just this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to admire their passion of course, but we'll see how they behave when they drop games they ought win.

Well, at least the Riders recent history supports some optimism. If you want true delusions, scurry on over to the Winnipeg board, where they are all ga-ga over their team, which boasts, in no particular order: a rookie head coach, and new OC and DC. The 1 and 2 QB's on their depth chart have won a combined total of 1 CFL game, which is 1 more than QB's 3 and 4, who have a total of 7 passes thrown between them. Their secondary has been gutted. Their all-star MLB is gone. Their other MLB is injury -prone. One of the Ralph brothers is pencilled in as a starting receiver. And their fans have a 2-page thread going about what sort of draft picks they could expect in trade for the likes of said Mr. Ralph and Glenn January. FYI, the consensus is that January would probably not fetch a 1st rounder, but a 2nd rounder is not out of the question, especially if he were bundled with, yes, Mr. Ralph. And, they are currently discussing a "rumour" that involves trading Edmonton for some or all of Mo Lloyd, Javier Glatt, Fred Stamps, Efron Hill (WR) and Tristan Jackson (KR). They do not mention what they are giving back in return, although given the apparent worth of Glenn January, one can only speculate that he's a lynchpin to the deal.

No, I'm not making this up.

So don't talk to Rider fans about delusional.

The funniest thing is how they keep trying to shoehorn Ralph into every single trade. :lol:

Ticats Years of Losing and we'll still keep coming back

....oh, and you're all hepped about all of the ol Bomber player signings...... :lol: :lol: ....nuff said.. :lol:



Dyce....dunno - he seems well regarded.


Are there more than this?

....I guess you could add Goodspeed....although technically a cat last time out...but a Bomber for quite awhile ...and Aron Fairooz who was signed by us and in our camp at one time... :wink: oh and you forgot the best nugget of all ...Brenden know the guy who said he was burnt-out last year.. :lol: :lol: What's not to get excited about :lol:

Don’t be mislead by CFListhebest, he does not speak for the majority of us. Most of us are torn between whether or not he is a fan of a team, or just a fan of hating the Eskimo’s.

I'm mounting a campaign to convert him to an Eskimos fan.