CFL's Johany Jutras, has all her photos stolen.

Grinch's broke into her apartment in Montreal and stole all her hard drives with her lifetime of work on them. :frowning:
Obviously, She desperately wants them back!

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Hopefully the thief will come clean and return the HD’s.

That poor girl.

All this Christmas cheer and goodwill towards is all BS.
Christmas brings out the worst in people. :thdn:

At this time of year, there is more stress, crime, depression, domestic violence and robbery than any other time of year.
At least here in Calgary there is. Can't speak for the rest of Canada.

The scum might have thought the discs had financial info on them.
Odds are they will just toss them in the dumpster. They could care less about her life work .
Would not count on her getting them back.

Further, she needs to look at everyone in her inner circle that knew she was away.

[i]This is horrible! Johnny feels for her.

Let's hope the POS who stole the stuff, will arrange to get it back to her. Losing a TV and other valuables is a PITA, but having unique objects that cannot be replaced stolen, is devastating.

Yup, a magical time of year... :roll: [/i]

oops, I just re read the link. Not the discs the hard drives is what the photos were on.

Whatever, she has lost her work. Hours of work and photos that will not be replaced.
Pawn shop dealers will keep an eye out for hot goods. This lady should look on ebay and Kijiji .

For those of you on facebook ( I am not ), never talk about your travel plans and dates until your return.
Plus, have a trusted friend or family member show up at your place and turn different lights on and off .
This will make it look like somebody is home.

It is all about cutting down the odds of being robbed.

Bri, it amazes me how many people on Facebook tell the world when they’re leaving for two weeks. Thanks for letting everyone know, now we just have to back the moving van up to their house…

Somebody should announce they're leaving for 2 weeks - then stay home - with a glock or two..... perhaps deprive a thief (or 2) of a life-time of thievery! Sorry, I forgot in Canada its illegal to defend your land and property - you'd get at least 18 months for exterminating a robber! Worth every friggin' day, I'd say - get off with good behaviour in 9 months!

I like your style Lyle. :thup:

If a guy can do 2 weeks at home and not a real vacation, great.

Myself, I would rig a nice trap or two while away.

Your are right. We do not have a justice system. We have a legal system.

That system is set to assist the criminal, not the victim .

The only problem about staking out your own place - robberies are generally random. Some break & enters are done on a whim, those in massive need and the means to crowbar a door and take what they want, those that b & e on seniors and others who cannot defend themselves. The Johany incident is troubling because she sent out clear signals about her absence.
From my readings about many criminals THEY ARE NOT DUMB WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR ART. (ex. read "The Flying Bandit: Biography of Ken Leishman" from your local library, amazon or used bookshop)
Incidentally, Leishman never robbed actual human beings, homes or apartments. He specialized in nameless/faceless fatt-arrssd banks, also pulled off the biggest gold bullion robbery in Canadian history circa 1964 Winnipeg airport)
So even if you stake out your own premises - a good thief or more likely a team of thieves will easily notice things like footprints, mailbox attendance, lights or other signs of human activity and balk off the project.
I just believe the justice system should amend certain acts - one of which would certainly be the right of persons to defend themselves by any means necessary once others have obtained illegal entry into their premises. A baseball bat is insufficient when it comes to taking on a team of trained thieves, so is a hockey stick or kitchen knives.
Mace may have limited results as even maced thieves still have their wits about them and may ratchet up their planned or unplanned levels of violence if they gets some chemicals in their face.
A loaded gun may be the only hope of equalling the equation - that and a cell phone to call your lazy police service. In Winnipeg, most b & e's know that they have 4 to 7 minutes to scoop up goods once a commercial or residential alarm goes off. Same with a cell call to 911 - depending on time of day anywhere between 5 minutes & 5 hours before police attend. One tip: If you want to expedite police arrival times - just tell the operator you have a gun - and ask permission to use it - they're trained to dissuade you from use - just keep asking - they'll get flustered and up the priority on the call - not because of the thieves but because they believe YOU ARE THE DANGER. In any event telling a bit of a fib just might save you and your family's life! :cowboy:

That's brutal. :thdn:

Just for another hit on the crack pipe no doubt. What bags of SH!T!!!

I hope she gets her stuff back. No use for scum who pull crap like this.


I don't have the means to replace Johany's films, nor the ability to apprehend the lizard-like criminals who took her stuff but I do have common sense on my side - and the power of suggestion.

My suggestion is that in lieu of the aforementioned matter, Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge in conjunction with his 9 CFL franchisees grant Johany immediate and special access to all team practices, events, pre-game workouts and a primary position in the area of her choice at ALL CFL facilities.

That's a start. And a 10 or 15 minute mini-documentary on her life and passions (film obviously) done by Brian Williams.

First rule of hard drive backups is keep 2 copies securely…OFFSITE. Lesson learned the hard way (no pun). Same result if she had a fire or some other catastrophic event.

That is a great idea. However , not down with the Brian Williams part.
He was the master of sport reporting at one time. That time has past.
Like so many, he is just not the same anymore. IMO.

You talk about random. Many break ins are because to many or the wrong people know you are away.
To your other point, telling 911 you have a gun and would like to use it.
That is a brilliant idea. :smiley:
Whatever it takes, to be left standing. :thup:

These are odd items to take for a random burglary.
Most burglaries are committed by someone you know.
Did she inadvertently take a picture with more implications than she knows ?

Hope Johany finds her lifeworks back undeleted.