CFL's brightest stars set to shine at CFL Awards

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a player in Brady Oliveira’s position going into Thursday’s CFL Awards. In fact, it’s been a decade.

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2013 was the last time a running back took home Most Outstanding Player honours. That was also the last time we saw a player double up as MOP and Most Outstanding Canadian. Of course, that player was Jon Cornish of the Calgary Stampeders. Ten years later, Winnipeg’s Oliveira has a great chance to do the exact same thing.

Oliveira’s numbers went beyond just what he did on the ground. With a career best 482 receiving yards, Oliveira went over the coveted 2,000 mark in offensive yards. His nine rushing touchdowns led all tailbacks and, with four more through the air, he also led all non-quarterbacks with 13 offensive touchdowns. Oliveira truly was outstanding in 2023.

I know, I know QB’s almost always win, the way I see them…
Kelly is the dog that wags the tail… Oliveira on the other hand is the tail that wags the dog…BIG difference as indicated above.

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Even if he gets shut out by the CFL Awards committee, Brady Oliveira could still pull an Andrew Harris in this Sunday’s Grey Cup. In 2019 it was Harris who stunned everybody and took home all the hardware for that game.

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I think Brady Oliveira deserves the MOP award :star_struck:. The fact that Chad Kelly “Underachieved” big time in the East Final is good enough for me. :bangbang:The writer is out of his mind :upside_down_face: if he thinks Chads poor playoff performance shouldn’t be “part of the Decision” :question:-Smarten Up. :exclamation:


Anyone would now say that Kelly doesn’t deserve the MOP after last weekend’s deer in the headlights performance, visibly quitting on an IT return he threw, not shaking hands after the game and if he can be believed, not telling anyone he suspected he had a concussion until well after the game yet having no qualms about continuing to play and hurting his team. Either that or he is simply lying about the concussion. Whatever you may think of his on field talents, he is not a leader and thinks character is a Chinese symbol.

But like all other sports, these awards are for the regular season and were voted on prior to his disastrous playoff performance. It is not possible to adjust the voting after it is completed. What do you think this is, Georgia? :grin:

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