CFL's Biggest Star?

I heard this topic on a local Radio show once.

If the CFL were to have a guy from from the league that they could promote on a National basis who would it be?

Let's say like for Canadian Tire or Staples or Crown Royal. Who is the CFL's most promoteable Star?

The hosts of the show were acting like there was absolutely nobody that could appeal to the whole country. But that is because they are haters.

People phoned in and said Milt Stegal . . . the hosts said he is too old. People phoned in and said Jesse Lumsden and the hosts said he is too young. People phoned in and said Matt Dominguez and they said nobody in Toronto knows who Matt Dominguez is. Nevermind the Media we all know they know nothing.

Who is the CFL's most promoteable star?

Maybe Geroy Simon last season. But it's gotta be a QB in a QB's league, Glenn or Burris.

Henry Burris. Although at times an inconsistent QB, he has certainly proved his worth to his team and the league.

Despite his on field play, the guy appears to be meant for the spotlight. Does anyone have a bigger smile than Smilin' Hank?

Sorry Pinball.

A handful of guys who could take the reigns and run with it.

If Milt wasn’t likely to retire at years end I’d toss his name in there.

Roberts, Dominguez, Lumsden, Printers, Ray, Burris, Simon could all be mentioned.


Seriously though, probably Burris right now.

If Printers develops a bit and keeps his yap shut, he might be good for the job too. Dave Dickenson is a bigger star imo, more people across Canada know who he is, but he's not chatty enough.

another comedy option ...

Ya know .. bring in the young kids and all. :lol:

Troy Westwood!! Would appeal to both men and women cuz from behind he looks like a woman!

Sherko Hajji Rassouli.

Ok, Charles Roberts, Jermaine Copland, Geroy Simon, Kerry Joseph, etc. alot of "stars"

Michael Pinball Clemons

I'd go with Lumsden. Canadian kid. Has media visibility because of his NFL visit.

Realistically, I think you go regional. Makes more sense. Even the NFL goes regional unless a star goes crazy or starts killing dogs.

Rob Murphy

I like that suggestion, the CFL couldn't get a more likeable and long-time player/coach to represent them nationally. Although, the article on today suggests that thoughts of removing himself from the sidelines have been gaining on Pinball.... :frowning:

I think we are all missing the obvious candidate.

Tom Canada! :smiley:

He has the looks and the personality, but more importantly, he has the perfect name. :smiley:

I vote for her! She got my attention! :wink: :wink:

Pinball immediately came to mind,

I would go with Kevin Glenn or Jesse Lumsden.

I say Lumsden or Burris. The former is young and Canadian with potential; the latter really does have personality (even if many Riders fans have something against him!).

Troy Westwood~]

Am I the only one who thinks that Pinball isn't that great of a coach, and since that is the case I don't think he should be any kind of spokesmen. Could just be me though

My suggestion would be those included already, Simon, Ray, Glenn, Lumbsden, Roberts, Dominguez

I don't think Pinball is that great of a coach either, but he does have the engaging personality that people love.

I think that's why this question is a tough one, there's plenty of extremely talented players int he league, but Im not sure one stands out above the rest off the field.

Jason Clermont - a class guy from the middle of the country. He is the quintesential Canadian football player.

They don't make them like that very often anymore.

Ricky Ray, one of the highest paid players in the league, only 28 years old, 2 cup wins already. Who even comes close ?