CFL's biggest stadium??

where is it and how many people does it hold??

try the internet!
you can find out some amaxing things

i didnt know canadians spelled amazing with an x. i guess u learn something new every day.


commonwealth stadium in Edmonton. 62,000 people.

My spelling is rubbing off on people.

I say Commonweath is (for now), with 60,217.

BC place is 60K

mouthpiece ro1313 got put in his place...hahahaha

Well since you pointed it out
Canadains spell you and didn't

The Big O holds more

Big O - 65,255

I say Winnipeg's New Stadium (Labatt Blue Stadium) will top all when it's build, be the "Big O of the West" at 66,000., you're in a pi$$y mood today.......maybe KK can brighten your afternoon.......

1313 in a pi$$y mood? Pffttt.....whatever.....he's a pushover..... :lol:

i simply just shorted the word you to u.

maybe I should sing him a love song?

.......oh, yes, I'm sure that will calm the savage beast.......

Yes I am aware that typing 2 extra letters and a ' is far to much work for you. I on the other hand made a typo.

Sounds like someone is challenging me!



well then ro, lets go!!!! meet me in the yard next to ur house. i am waiting.

Hey duffas
It not that I could not fold you like a lawn chair
but go look again!
I was talking to drumming god