CFL's 95th Grey Cup Official Thread: Bombers VS Riders

[b]Who will win?

Who has been asking to see Winnipeg and Saskatchewan since the early season?

Who will be the MVP?

What other predictions and/or comments does everybody have?

I will not predict a winner.

I have seen many asking for this Grey all year. Although I never put it in writing.

Congi won't miss a FG attempt all day, Westwood will shank out one.

Stegall wil score an amazing TD.
Flick or Palmer will score an amazing TD.

Roberts or Edwards will be WPG MVP.
Joseph or Flick will be SSK MVP.

Dinwinnie will look impressive.
Joseph will look impressive.

The game will be decided only in the 4th quarter.

Talk amongst yourselves.[/b]

Who can I write to at league HQ - I've got a complaint to register about their official Grey Cup thread.....

Win? Sask

Asking? Not I, but only because only one teams appearance matters to me, it'll be sweet to 'play' the Bombers

MVP? Kerry Joseph, there is no other

Other predictions? Negative, I have the right to remain relatively silent:)


It will be a great game Riders will be the fan favourite in TO and will be the home team much like they were when they beat hamilton in 89, its party time all this week and next

You can log the complaint right here on the "CFL's 95th Grey Cup Official Thread: Bombers VS. Riders".

You have ten sentences highlighted in green, and only five highlighted in blue, Che...clearly that means the Riders will win...

Winnipeg and Saskatchewan? Who'd have thunk it? Oh yeah, me!
Kent's cone a great job working with KJ, he does look like the MOP. The Riders are sick with talent, but the Bombers are just so tough on the lines... should be a great one!

Early Esky odds are 10 to 1 underdog Winnipeg

Serious favorite Saskatchewan

Pfft... This is going to be one of most boring GC's ever. It's so obvious that Sask is going to take it. Everybody knows with out Glenn, Wpg will not be able to put up the offensives points needed. I'm not trying to dis the Bombers here, they are a good team, but going into the big game with a 2nd string QB with only one week to prepare and against a Def line that gives you only seconds to execute, it's going to be ugly. :expressionless:

I suspect the Grey Cup will be inscribed: "2007 Grey Cup Champions Sask Riders "
[/b] = Won account of the opposing team not having a QB. :stuck_out_tongue:

The one bright spot it will be one hell of a party on the prairies and in TO.

Anything can and usually does happen at a Grey cup, i expect Winnipeg to be a formidable foe.

Remember these were early Esky odds.

I think this game will be great even with a backup in Dinwiddie. The Bombers can use this to their advantage and like we saw yesterday, the secondary might not respect him and some receivers will get loose. I think it'll be interesting to be quite honest and not a blowout like some people think. And Roberts is a friggin beast of a runner despite his size, toughest guy pound for pound I've ever seen.

The guy is no fool! He saved those extra blue lines for after the game. Lines like "Did you see Glenn hack off his broken arm, stick a plunger on the stomp and throw those 60 yard touchdowns... 4 times". Oh, it was only a dream I had after passing out.

I don't know who will win but we have a montrous job ahead of us.

I went back and looked at the last few Grey Cups. Lucky for the Riders and Bombers they didn't win their divisions. In the last 8 Grey Cups a divisional winner has only won twice.

I just read that this the first time these two teams have met in the Grey Cup! I think it's going to be a great game despite the 'Bombers losing Glenn (I feel for you Peg fans). Dinwiddie's looked good every time he's had to come into the game this year and the best thing is he didn't throw an INT at all.

I can't wait! (Of course, it helps that I won't be disappointed no matter who wins!)

Sheer logic suggests that the Bombers are finished without Glenn. Sheer logic suggests that the Riders will have their way with a backup with only 28 passes to his credit and his first CFL start.

However....... this has all the ear marks of a Cinderella story. Hey it happens, kid from no where, first start happens to be the GC.


I was absolutely sure it would be the Lions vs Argos in the GC. So obviously there is no sense in me predicting next weeks outcome. But, I won't let that stop me. I like the Riders chances if only due to Glenn's injury.

I don't know who to cheer for. I like both teams. Kerry Joseph had a great game yesterday despite looking pretty beat up. I thought he showed a lot of character.

Yet, this is Stegall's final year. Well, probably and as such, I would like to see him go out with a bang.

If I had one player I would like to see win the MVP it would be Troy Westwood. The man has taken his fair share of criticism over the years and I'd like to see him do well on Sunday.

From the Riders I would like to see Fantuz win the MVP.

I suppose in the end I will do what I always do when my team isn't there....cheer for the losing team. Good luck and let's hope for a great game.

All you can eat, all you can drink, umm the Grey Cup, Windows Restaurant, Rogers Centre....

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Richard Finlay

The only thing that I am going to predict this early, is that the most deserving team will win, fun will be had by all in attendance and Southern Ontario is going to experience drastic and prolonged decrease in their beer supply over the next 7-10 days.

Hate to be picky, but it will NOT be Dinwiddie's first CFL start. He didn't start a game this year, but he DID last year when Glenn was out. It was a very poor performance, as I recall, the only silver lining being that he wasn't quite as bad as Mike Quinn.

Trust that with another year under his belt he's more confident and comfortable.....

DON'T FORGET...this is the 'wacky world' of the CFL.... anything can happen and usually does...Riders are a very formidable opponent and look to be run-away winners right now... but they also have a few nics.... nothing compared to losing your starting qb.... however Bombers will be more than ready for this one....i know the Wpg. 'd' up-front is going to be a real problem for the Green Guys....but the real story here, will be the play of the 'green guy' at the qb. spot for the Big Blue....IF Dinwiddie puts up some respectable numbers early this game, it will be tight...IF he bombs so do the BigBlue...we'll see... :roll: