CFLs 2 secret announcements this friday

Here it is.
1.This friday will be the official announcement that the Winnipegs new stadium at the U of M is a signed and done deal.
2. David Asper is the new owner of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. (although this one may still take time.)

None the less, watch for it people.
Winnipegs new stadium is a go. You heard it first from me.

Now BeerBarons, you know it ain't nice to get ol' dmont's hopes up.

When is the announcement of the granting of a franchise to the city of Milwaukee? :lol:

Oh, word just out MLS seeks soccer-specific stadium in Winnipeg so all football stadium projects are a no-go. :cowboy:

Just kidding, here's hoping Winnipeg and the Bombers and U of M get this. :thup:

how many people will the new stadium seat? hwo about box seats? so is the new owership deal better then the previous one?

I look forward to welcoming the Milwaukee Rough Riders to the fold.

how about the Milwaukee packers? i know you guys get a certain amount of packer tickets already every year, but that would be kinda funny. how about the packaZ

Sorry if I'm ignorant but what's wrong with the 'Pegs current stadium? Just curious, not making a judgement.

BeerBarons how many beers did you slam down before you wrote this post ?? :cowboy: :cowboy: :rockin:

I believe the biggest thing is revenue stream. The new stadium will be used a lot more than the current one plus having luxury boxes and depending on which set of plans is the final one a whole complex surrounding it to make it a 7 day a week area and not just open for business on game day.

....guess you finally painted yourself into a cornor ol dog....IF this is true...and i'd like to see confirmation first (although i have also heard whisperings) it looks like a new era for the Bombers has begun....Now dog, i know your going to be bitter and you'll probaly stick to your negative guns,,,just don't let it blind you to the extent, that you won't attend the new facility or support the Bombers in 09....I'd like you to get over your negativity and join a team that is headed for BIG things this year... :thup: :rockin:See you at the games... :thup:

....Just for starters the ol gal has seen better days....You might ask what's right with the old stadium...probably be easier to answer....A report came out on refurbishing Canadinns....the costs were alone (one cost item) was unbelievable...A new stadium was needed for a very long time....I just hope they get the new one right... :thup: :rockin:

Does that mean Lyle Bauer takes his ugly goat to the new building? Or do they send him down the road with Westwood playing the guitar in the backseat?

....just think hfxtc...we'll be able to kick your 'can' all over a NEW faciltity when your team comes to the Peg....heh heh.. :lol:

So if the Asper thing doesn't work, as ownership has been known to fail sometimes, does the community get the team back or can he do a Horn Chen and steal the name? Once again, just curious but 70 years of community ownership is a great legacy and it would suck to lose it like Ottawa did.

...The team would revert back to public ownership, in Wpg.,... IF the Aspers default...That has already been stated by David Asper, as those concerns were already brought forward... :expressionless:

Don't get him started on that again! :x :x :x :x

Next thing you know, the rest of the Expansion Zealots will join the fray! :x :x :x

Oh I love you guys, but FACT
The day changed. Tommorrow "thursday" at 10 30 am Winnipeg time at the Holiday Inn, they will announce it official that the contractors have all been signed and that the new Winnipeg Stadium is a go.
Less than 17 hours and counting.


Don't you think they would have called a press conference by now? If they already have, i haven't gotten one of my trusty Google news alerts yet.

LOL 10 30 am is coming soon.
Expect to hear that the start of construction will be this fall.
And Asper will be the new owner as of next year.