CFLPA throws a counterpunch in CBA negotiations

Both need to get back to the table and hammer out a deal

Gutsy move by the CFLPA. I’m neutral when it comes to unions but I’m leaning towards supporting the CFLPA on this approach. The league fired the first shot with their bonus declaration earlier and now cutting off negotiations because something else was more important? Have they not heard of multi tasking? Poor, poor ,poor excuse by league executives.

Posturing by the League and CFLPA

Negotiations typically go to the last hour, so each side can crow that they got the best deal possible. Opening salvos are usually just puffery to worry we action-starved masses? At least, that’s my hope.

You’d think Ambroise, being a former player, would seek to build a stronger partnership with the PA.

Too many minimum wage players won’t strike, vocal minority on social media (Banks) are the same few making noise.
They need to shut up and let their union do the negotiating.

Don’t like the league’s tactics here but the players still look bad. Pretty sure Banks insulted the ''billionaire owners" the other day.

Similar tactic ideas were floated the last time around. Failed spectacularly. . Owners know this.

How TSN’s Dave Naylor sees it:

He is not wrong, unfortunately :frowning:

I know I’m not about to cross a picket line.

If the league ends up using replacement players, I’d want a refund for each game not played by the players in the union. I believe we’ve bought our tickets in good faith to see the best players we have/had on the roster. Experienced CFL players for the most part. If they play a team full of rookies, we should not be paying for it. Refund us until the league settles.

That’s an excellent point, Hammer . Hamilton has always been a strong labour town. I really can’t imagine the CFL using scab (“replacement players”).

I’d join you on a picket line ! :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old Harvester worker)

If salaries go up, the cost will be passed along to ticket buyers. If you side with the players, you are siding with ticket price increases.

Maybe, just maybe Caretaker should stay off the twitter for a bit!

It is not helping either side. :frowning:

It’s certainly true that the CFL has kept a tight ship when it comes to public comments and given the reaction to Young’s statement, it’s not hard to see why.

Are the players asking for salary increases?

Do you think this will be one of those oh-so-common CBAs that has nothing in it about money?

Without getting into the salary cap specifically, any provisions that cost the teams more money (be it through revenue sharing, changes to guarantees, or other benefits to players) will cost the fans more money.

What if you support improved helmets and other gear that will make players safer. Are you then siding with ticket price increases?

How about if you side with increased stadium security, or more comprehensive medical treatments, or a higher league marketing budget. Also siding with ticket price increases?

I’m all for it if it helps protect players, goes towards a much better health care plan and pays a group of lower paid players the ability to play WITHOUT HAVING A SECOND JOB to be able to live comfortably. And it’s a BS argument that they only work for 6 months. They train all year to play a violent game to entertain us. They perform a ton of community service that is advertising for a team and the league.