CFLPA Takes Williams Contract case to Court

An arbitrator ruled that the Ti-Cats negotiating with an unregistered agent was a violation for which they should be fined but the contract was still valid.

It will be interesting to see what an actual judge feels.

I agree with the CFLPA that a team gains an advantage when facing an agent who has not meet the requirements to act as an agent under the collective agreement, but Williams made the choice and could/should have informed himself.

Don't know that it is a slam dunk for the CFL/Ti-Cats.

I think the CFLPA is by far the most inept union in Pro Sports. They share responsibility for not enforcing their own rules and agreed to resolve differences with an arbitrator, went through the process, lost and are now taking this to court. Does not bode well for upcoming contract negotiations with the league. Get ready for a lockout...

The PA should have informed Williams that his agent wasn't registered and that he was at such a disadvantage. I don't believe the onus is on the team to ensure that the player's agent is registered. If it is, it shouldn't be.

If he signed a THREE YEAR entry level deal at league minimum then I'm sure the NFL was the farthest thing on his mind at the time. It's not the Cats' fault that Williams changed his mind 2 years later. Perhaps Chris should be 'beefin' with his agent instead of the TiCats?

HAH! Fat chance.

Lol exactly what I was thinking. A lockout would kill the league and put a ton of players looking for an alternative profession.

Its funny how Williams was just fine with this contract for the first two years he had it, and now finds it unfair because he wants out of it. What a piece of work that guy is.

As for the CFLPA... they're mostly known for working hard to protect dirty players from suspensions. I don't have the time of day for them.

Because more bad news is just what the Ti-Cats need

The players very own union doesn't tell the players in their union to use registered agents? Why do they even have a union then in the first place if they can't do their job? That is a joke, the CFLPA for sure. Unless Williams was told by them and Williams chose to not take the advice by the CFLPA. Who knows.

I'm sure if the Cats chose not to deal with this agent, Williams would have gone to the union and complained and they would have supported him in that case.

The Union gets a copy of every contract as it is filed with the league... They've never enforced registration of agents. There is an old saying. "You can't show up in court if your hands are dirty".

This is a desperate attempt to intimidated the league into releasing Williams before the NFL season. I hope the league stands up the union. Incredible that the CFLPA would use its very limited means on a player who is trying to break his contract to leave the union. :cowboy:

Hard to see how the CFLPA gains by appealing the decision of the binding arbitration? As somebody pointed out, the CFLPA gets $500 from every agent who registers with the league, so this probably comes down to money…and not necessarily the welfare of a malcontent midget who refuses to honour his contract. :expressionless:

This is all on Williams. Its up to him to ensure he has proper representation. Its up to him to understand the terms of his contract. Its up to him to abide by his contract. He's an adult, and taking responsibility for one's actions is part of being all grown up. The PA should not be appealing this. It will be ironic if Williams fails to crack an NFL lineup next year. His career may be over...

That's for them and the agents to enforce, not the league IMO.

There will always be a loser GM to sign him.

You're probably dead on with that Hf.

Yeah right. Lockout comes as the standard defense by the league from a players strike and with all the new stadium investments and new TV money. Teams like Saskatchewan making 13 million dollar profits. Its a perfect storm for a players strike. IMO the players only need to hold tight for about four to six weeks into the season for total panic to set in by the owners. You have three new stadiums , two of which are heavily financed.

We shall see.

They'd get even more if they decided to follow through on the fines for teams who sign players who are represented by unregistered agents. I'm sure Williams isn't the first or the last. But I think you're right that it all comes down to making sure they get their money, and nothing to do with Williams at all. As a previous poster said, why would the union go to court on behalf of a player who's trying everything he can to leave the league - and to leave the union?

Their system is skrewed up. When an agent signs his first rookie client to the CFL. It usually means 3% of 46 000. Sometimes maybe the agent does not even take a cut from the player if he feels it might pay better later. So its the team that signs the player who should pay the registration fee when they sign a player from an agent "new to the CFL". The CFLPA isn't geared to collect fees and such.

The players have taken huge cross the board paycuts over the years. The players have had bounced paychecks in the past. The players have taken so many steps back for the good of the league in tough times and have never come close to striking. Now the times are good, the paychecks are good and the cap has DOUBLED in the last 15 years, and you think NOW they will strike over one punk trying to void the final year of a 48k contract? Seriously? Seriously???

The players will not strike. They are not that dumb. They are not NEARLY that dumb.

What purpose would be served for the union to take this mammoth leap to back a player who wants out of their racket?