CFLPA, NLLPA fighting to give their memberships access to workers' compensation

CFLPA, Ontario Ministry of Labour and Worker's compensation board.

I believe this is the link to the report schmenger posted about:

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I can't believe that the Ontario Govt. would improve workers' comp . .

Political science expert weighs in?


As a former union rep and negotiator , I got to speak up . :slightly_smiling_face:

That pretty well explains everything. I was the guy on the other side the table.

I'd be willing to bet a nickel on the Ontario outcome . You know that in order to get a fair settlement for both sides , it requires people of good faith to compromise .

Has any province allowed the Workers Comp for football players?

Couldn't the league/teams set up their own insurance plan? why do governments have to be involved?

Imagine how high the premiums would be if an insurance company charged based on the full real costs.

Perhaps analogous to a driver who crashes his car every few months, year after year. Insurance costs would be prohibitive, if he could get it at all.

The costs will be transferred to season ticket holders. What would be any other reasonable alternative. The bucks has to stop somewhere.


All the coaching I did involved after school games . Practices were before school or at lunch time . Parents drove kids to games and out of town basketball tournaments . There was NO extra money in my pay cheque . We coached like community volunteer coaches do . We do it for the kids .
As for joining the teachers' federation , just follow these simple steps : graduate from university, volunteer in the community working with kids , have the marks to qualify for a 2 year teachers' college experience, get hired by a school board and supply teach for years, go to interviews for Long Term Occasional positions. maybe you eventually get a full time occasional job , and finally after all these easy steps you May get a full time contract . But wait , there's more . New teachers have an evaluation time period of 2 years in which they are being judged by a principal who is not part of the teachers federation . If that is successful then you will be evaluated every 5 years thereafter .

As for the shorter games comment, most kids are bussed to and from school . Sport scheduling is affected by the school bus scheduling .


My dad was a High School science teacher and swim coach for over 40 years, and I completely agree with everything you have written.


Give yourself a huge pat on the back Pat. You are not the only person who has volunteered their time to make high school sports a success. In fact, many schools in my area do not have a football program and other programs because teachers couldn't be bothered. I think of 4 as of this date.

My father ran and coached baseball leagues for years.he was also on the negotiating committee for the stelco union.i nevef heard him threaton to stop coaching when there was a contract impass

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Apples and oranges there . Times have changed . There was a time when community coaches , teacher coaches and volunteers worked in the shadows . Now some vocal parents want their kids to play more than other kids . Hockey parents have time and lots of money invested in their children's play . You can understand their angst . But attacking volunteer coaches , umpires , referees , and league officials who volunteer makes absolutely no sense .
Each year I'd have one or two sets of parents thank me in over 30 years of coaching . People don't see the people behind their kids teams . That's just the way it is . Coaches get this . When I umped baseball it was very interesting . I'd show up before the game and check the field for safety issues, ump the game and leave for home . It was a piece of cake compared to coaching . Now, hockey referees are doing a great job under a very stressful situation . God bless them and thank them for their work . :+1: :+1: :+1:


When the moderator is the one arguing and removes a reply.

Maybe the reply should have been removed . There are guidelines regarding personal attacks .

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Full real cost of what?
If the CFL can't get access to workers comp when players get injured, then they take out an insurance plan.
CFL players will never get workers comp because they are not classified as full time workers.

No personal attacks. Just an honest observation just like everyone else.

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I doubt it, since they would have to cover the Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Senators, Raptors, Ticats, Redblacks, Argos, TFC and the NLL, every pro team in the province.
Can't see how it would work since it is a provincial jurastiction, if they did approve it the 3 CFL teams would be covered but not the other 6 CFL teams.

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