CFLPA in Zombie land?

With the recent signing of an additional 3 years for the CfL -TSN marriage the CFLPA was nowhere to be found - granted the players association is not part of the Television negotiations I find it strange they have had no response or any read on the extension . We don't have to go back to many years where the Commish and Players Association were touting a partnership to see the cfl sail into prosperous times and share the good times because they had persevered the tough times . It really seemed this extension took the CFLPA by surprise if not shock - with the current agreement with the players ending in 2018 there may be some rough waters ahead if the owners and community owned teams don't sweeten the pot with the players . The players by all accounts soured quickly on the toothless players association of last year and will be a much different
Group that will go head to head with the owners in the near future . Let's hope for the spirit of partnership to grace them again .

Hopefully that's the case but the CFL is undergoing a transition phase with new stadiums and the Argo situation apparently resolved so it seems. As well, we always have to remember the CFLPA doesn't have the clout of the 4 big major leagues in North America and their associations due to much smaller financials involved and much smaller media coverage, so the CFL and the CFLPA by extension is a much smaller gestalt. And unique with the Canadiana ratio thing. Different dynamics altogether. Remember, you have some players playing in the CFL simply as a jumpstart to a career in the NFL so really those sorts of players could care less unless they decide they are going to remain in the CFL for the long haul.

The CFL is more of a league league for the fans while the majors are more of a players league for the fans. It's a bit different. CFL players are just not that recognizable for the general public because they don't make the huge bucks of the 4 majors. Much easier to replace year to year.

So IMHO they are in a bit of a zombie land as you suggest.