CFLPA finally growing a pair.

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It certainly does appear that Molstad took immense liberties with the CFLPA the past few years.

Between the years 2004-2008 his legal fees invoiced to the player's union ranged from $200,000 - $327,000 per annum before sharply and abruptly increasing as high as $1 million for 2013 alone. (a non-bargaining year to boot)

something seems amiss here.

Good for the players. Glad to see Flory wasn't made the scapegoat.

[b]Molstad vigorously defended his work over the years, according to TSN, stating his fees were much less than those charged in the NFL.[/b]
To compare a $12 billion dollar-a-year behemoth league (NFL) with a market cap of approx. $50 billion, to the much more modest CFL at approx. $200 million is asinine and an abject insult to the CFLPA and it's fans.

the gall.

The CFL is not the NFL i agree but its not chopped liver either, especially where it was a decade ago up to now.
More corporate interest, more Network interest, more sponsor interest, better ownership groups. Means more money coming in. Aside from whatever this guy was doing with coast he was not doing his job.
The players will certainly deserve their fair share of any new modern revenue the CFL is generating but need to be a balance to ensure the league is financially stable but not let the owners get over on them.
That is a very tough tough balance to juggle in pro sports.
They need a modern Sports law firm to rep them. That will come with reasonable demands, back them with figures, and be able to negotiate a fair deal.

Cohon was the face and head fan of the CFL that helped nurse the CFL back to health and popularity. His right hand man behind the scenes but in a low but needed SMS at the time. TSN took it on and put a pro football presentation ESPN style to make it popular to watch and found a marque night in Friday Night football. Once fans got onboard corporations and sponsors followed. 700K avg a game is nothing to sneeze at for TV numbers. Montreal games on RDS big part of the explosion of football in that Province. ( Als winning a lot and Laval leading the way for french speaking players better university options did not hurt either) But if the Als are not on RDS than none of this would be put on a high stage.

A new business savvy Commish is needed and gotten and the same for CFLPA Law rep.

This move isn't the PA "growing a pair", but rather demanding accountability from someone who had gotten far too lax when it comes to financial accountability to the players.

They will "grow a pair" when they stop hiring former players to lead their union and hire someone who specializes in labour negotiations who will aid them in getting their fair share of the revenue pie.

they are already getting a good share

Not "good" enough

based on their play last year, most of them were way overpaid.

definitely better than fair.

"Fair" for only one side (and its not the players)


With the CFL projected at 200 million in revenues and teams having a 5 million dollar cap (plus IR… plus pr) it is safe to say the players get about 50 million or about 25% of league revenues… Compare this to the big four where players get 50%… Im not saying the players should get 50%… but a 6 million cap would have been fair.

Steven Lumbala's left the CFL at age 23 to take a better-paying oil and gas job. :roll: :frowning: :frowning:

Lumbala, who was the fifth overall selection in 2013 out of the University of Calgary, has quit football at the age of 23 to take a job in the oil and gas industry. “He said it was a much higher paying job than he thought he would ever get, so he just made a decision not to play,? Popp said.

"in 2015...most teams likely spend less than 22 per cent of their total revenues on salaries." :roll: :frowning:

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Well in fairness to the league, with overall revenues about 200 million. No one can compare it to the other 4 major leagues.

It would be nice for players to be paid more, I'd rather have the league stay within their means as opposed to the NASL disaster. Ask if Ishmal's contract lead to sustainability.

Why can't you compare it?
They're comparing percentages, not total money.

If every other league spends 40-50% of their revenues on player compensation, why should the CFL be special and only spend 22%?

I can't compare it because cheques are signed and budgets are made with '$' not '%' in mind.

Profits and losses are also done in dollar amounts too.

Its easy to compare.
X sports league had total revenues of . Spent on salaries for a percentage of _____.
CFL had total revenues of _______. Spent ______on salaries for a percentage of ____ .

All leagues do this comparison when negotiating deals.

Yes that's very true.

But then one league (NFL) has 9-10 billion in revenues and the other has about 200 million. The previous has allot more to go around.

The NHL was a 2 billion dollar business when they were in a position to pay the players a linked percentage of revenues.

Now I don't think the CFL doesn't have to reach anywhere near that figure and I sure hope nor think we don't lose season over it but business still needs to grow. Hopefully, the next TV deal will get them there.

because the other leagues revenues are so high that after paying players, they have a lot left to pay other expenses.

CFL after paying players, doesn't have much left for other expenses.

Try comparing net profit between the leagues before judging the cfl.

It's a bit like saying someone on minimum wage should be taxed the same percentage as someone making $1 million per year... and be expected to have just as comfortable a life paying expenses like groceries, housing, utilities, etc. with the remaining funds.

Percentage comparisons are good when comparing somewhat close values, but when the magnitude of the values differs too much, it falls apart.