CFLPA and CFL Making Some Progress on New CBA

According to this article titled “Two steps forward, one back for CFL” by Paul Friesen on the Toronto Sun website tonight, the CFLPA and the league are making some progress in their CBA talks. Both sides apparently believe an agreement can be reached although it is uncertain whether it can get done by the start of training camp. The league has reportedly taken its proposal to reduce the number of Canadian starters off the table and may be prepared to budge on eliminating or reducing the players’ guaranteed share of league revenue. On the issue of drug testing, the CFLPA wants it to be deferred for a year until an agreed formula for paying the costs can be worked out. The good news is that the 2010 CFL season will not be a write off.

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This is great news. The article spent most of its time talking about a drug policy, which seems to not be something that will put the kibosh on any deal. I knew there would be no way that the league would lockout the players or that the player would go on strike. The fact that a deal is close is fantastic news.

It's too bad that the league has taken its proposal to reduce the number of Canadian starters off the table.
This would have been a great step towards getting better talent on the field. Maybe they should think about what the fans want.

Sorry, but I don't get comments like this...CFL stands for the CANADIAN Football League! I really don't think it's what MOST of the fans want...Unless they want our league to become a total NFL farm system with a VERY small percentage of Canadian players to cheer for.

Agree Paul. I yearn for the day when the Candadian College draft will actually mean something for every position on the field meaning for example when there could be some hype over a qb being drafted.

If it was just about the best possible talent out there on planet Earth, then let's get rid of any number of manadated non-imports and call the legue something else. And that is not what I nor many of us want.

There should also be a minimum of the numbers of starters and active roster spots from the city that the team is from. At least 4 starters for the TiCats should be from Hamilton and at least 10 rosters spots should be filled by Hamiltonians. They are the HAMILTON Tiger Cats, after all. Likewise for all other teams in the League.

I don't get comments like yours? "a VERY small percentage of Canadian players to cheer for" do you cheer only for Canadian players? do you cheer for that big Canadian blocking back or an exciting guy like Cobb or Glenn.
So you are the guy who stands up behind me and cheers when the O linemen walk of the field or the Canadian FB tries to block the big D-lineman!!

If you ask any fan who their favourite players are they will say it's the receivers, QBs, DBs who all happen to be American, I'm saying lets stop this nonsense about non-imports etc. Let the best players compete!
Let's have more exciting players !!!!!!!!!
Can you imagine if the 26 US NHL teams had a rule that there must be 15 US born players on the roster - that would make it exciting wouldn't it? It would do a lot to develop hockey in the US.

The CFL plays by Canadian rules on a Canadian field, which makes it unique from the NFL - it doesn't make it an NFL farm system if you reduce or eliminate the quota!
It's time to move on an eliminate it! Since the quotas came into place we haven't seen the quality of Canadian players improve. I think we would see more fans in the seats if the quality of players was improved.


Where would Hamilton find 10 local players?
yes if you want to see real amateur football and the quality of play go downhill

The only way I'd want a reduction of non-import quota is if the GM's come right out and state that it's tough to find enough quality Canadians once the season starts and injuries happen. And we have heard something to this effect throughout the years I believe from some teams. In Canada, players that don't make a team are then usually into more of a profession and tough to get whereas in the US I think many are just hanging around or pumping gas waiting for a call from any team. For a few reasons.

You are wrong. The quality of Canadian players has increased, this has been said number of times in the last few weeks alone by Benevidez, Maciocia, Buono, Sunderland, Gill.

There are a number of Canadians playing at skilled positions and most fans do have a special place for guys like Fantuz, Lumsden, Barker, Lapointe, Cahoon, Peterson, Clairmont. As the quality continues to improve we will see more Canadians playing skilled positions.

Reducing the role of Canadian players in the CFL would likely cause many CIS programs to drop their football programs. These are the most costly to run, or they may convert to NCAA's four down game and see a number of American pay for play take the spots of Canadians.

7 of 24 starters is not causing impeding the show... LOL !

I think what makes the CFL great to watch and exciting are unique things such as the 3 downs, the wider field, no fair catch, motion, etc

But having Candian players does NOTHING to add to the excitement of the game or the fans enjoyment of the game, its just one of the rules that Canadians agree with becuse they think they have to because of some type of loyalty or that they thing that Canadians should be given jobs. It's time to move on and reduce the number of Canadians it doesn't add to the excitement of the CFL at all.

It's not just Canadians who agree with the rule. Guys like Matt Dunnigan have come out in full support of it. If we lose the Canadian players from the game we might as well just call ourselves NFL-Canada and be done with it.

I also disagree with you about fans not getting enjoyment out of Canadians playing. I loved when Dave Stala would catch a pass, and I probably cheered harder for him than any other offensive player.

Look at the publicity that the Roughrider WRs got last season because the vast majority of them were Canadian, and playing damn well.

Look at all the talk around Jesse Lumsden. Do you think there would be a six minute video on about Avon Cobourne when he gets cut?

Look at all the press that the Argos got when they signed Brannigan.

Those are just a few examples from the last 12 months. Like it or not, many people consider the Canadian players in the CFL are an attraction and worthwhile addition to the game.

Good to see the BOG is not that stupid.It's very unlikely anyways that there'd be a lockout.

As for the ratio, it's absurd to suggest the quality of play is really all that compromised because of it. For every starting non-import starting just because of his nationality, there's two guys who wouldn't be starting because not because they're not good, but because they wouldn't be given their shot. Rob Bagg says hi.
Also the two top teams last year in the CFL, had more than the required ratio, which tells me there's plenty of good Canadian players. No more Canadians playing in the CFL, goodbye Canadian Football.

Rob Bagg says hi?????????????

Arland Bruce says hi??
don't know what your point is.

So if Canadian players are that good why would there be no more Canadian players in the CFL? If they are that good they should be able to make the team without the quota.
So this guy Bag wouldn't make the team if he didn't have a guaranteed spot? or your guy Simon?

Goodbye CFL? why? There are thousands of fans that would come to the games if the Canadian content was dropped and the players were allowed to compete for jobs. We would see better players.
I want to see more of the exciting players like Cobb, Glenn, Mann

How about more Arland Bruce's and less Baumans

jay, you make a valid point of view here, no question. The US does pump out large numbers of great football players who won't make it to the NFL since there are so few teams and so many college programs down there.

My question to you is do you see getting rid of or drastically lowering the quota to be "worth it" so to speak possibly losing a chunk of CFL fans that want the opposite, to make the league more Canadian in player content, that don't have this need for the extra "wow" factor that some people like yourself claim would happen opening up positions more to anyone?

It is a bit of a gamble. Personally speaking they could take away the quota and I'd be fine with that, I just want to watch some great football and the CFL as it is now provides that, I don't need a bit of a better player skillset that could result if they did open it up. There are a few sides to this coin, the CFL has never been about the 'best' talent available with no respect to nationality, that is not in the history of the league. So changing this drastically would be a huge move on the part of the league, something not to be taken lightly.

The quality of play is affected because of it, ever since CFL teams have been loading up their defences with imports scoring has went way down. Just compare NFL CFL stats from last season, there was 10 NFL qb's who had more passing td's than the leading CFL qb (Calvillo). Before the only reason to watch CFL football was because it provided more excitement and offence now that is not even close to being the case and i believe one of the main reasons is because of how teams are managing the ratio.

Geroy's right on, and before the news today here was the case I put for for a modest increase in Canadian players. with hardly any likelihood that play would suffer and ultimately for the good of the long-term future of Canadian football. as opposed to any agenda to lower the import ratio that ultimately I feel is a ploy by some owners to reduce player wages and rights over time far more than to increase the quality of play: