CFLPA All Star Team....

So you would have picked Burris as the All-Star QB if you were in the league?


I guess Dave Dickenson did not do much, except lead his team to a GC victory. I guess all his opponents must have missed that one.


Burris? The only starting QB's I thought were worse this past season were Damon Allen and Jason Maas. I have to give my head a shake about that choice.

You think your quarterbacks were better???

Man, now youve got me shaking my head. LOL

Yes I think Glenn played better than Burris this past season. Glenn was often mediocre but at least he was consistently mediocre. Burris on the other hand would have an amazing game and then proceed to be god awful in his next game. The playoffs are a prime example. What was it four interceptions by Burris?

At least Glenn always gives the Bombers the chance to win. He won't carry a team on his shoulders but he'll give the team a chance to win. If you can't consistently give your team the chance to win then you aren't a good QB in my opinion.

And even saying this, that I thought Glenn was better than Burris this past season, I would also shake my head if Glenn was named the all-star QB. That is why I really shake my head at Burris.

Burris does have talent and he's getting older.
His happy feet days will end...
Thats good news for Stamp fans...
Is this the year for Burris.?
Not really, the supporting cast, has past him by.

We could argue who's better until were blue in the
face, point is the players cast their ballots and
chose Burris. Was it a popularity contest??? Might
have been.

My final thoughts on Glenn vs Burris is i believe
Burris is capable of taking a team to the cup and
winning, I dont believe Glenn is.

What supporting cast has past Burris by?

Anybody that actually believed in him ,on the Stamps…
Thats Who…
The man actually self destucted in the biggest game of his life…
But he’s the Champ…Go Bombers…

I look at it this way, Eskylo-- a player must have started a campaign, a la Rory Fitzpatrick , to have Burris selected as the All-Star QB, only difference being that Burris did get selected where Fitzpatrick fell short.

...the reality is though boys that Burris is a dangerous QB to play against....if you cannot agree to that then you are simply biased, which is o.k., but admit it at dangerous I mean that at any time he can get the ball to the receiver or be a running threat can't say that about DD, who is a great QB no doubt, but is more of a pocket passer and limited in his mobility....on consistentcy I say Burris is much better than Glenn BD, but Glenn is getting better and may surpass Burris in this category as his confidence grows....

...what Burris does that makes the naysayers here shake their head at his being selected #1 is he throws the big pick all too often, the questionable toss that everyone remembers.....he can have 15 completions in a row for 250 yards and then one INT and what do you remember?....sambo?.....BD?.....hank?.....R&W?.....hmmmm?.....its the INT I know......thats human nature.....he is still a pretty decent QB, but he has a big monkey on his back..... would have been interesting to see the total votes earned by each player and where the runner-ups stood....

Your point is well taken RW, but what I remember about Burris' season last year is the inconsistency he showed throughout the year... I personally dont think he has shown the consistency to be the All-Star QB, but that is my opinion. I do agree he is a dangerous QB to play against, but sometimes he is too hard on himself- I saw that game after game when he played here and in Calgary. Congrats to him on being picked by his peers.

....can't disagree with your points either sambo....unless Burris figures out a way to quit forcing plays and trying to make something happen on occasions where it would be better to toss it away he will always be remembered as an inconsistent QB, it will be his legacy unless he changes.....

I Think Tucker Should Be a wr insteada watkins.....Charlie should be the rb........and the qb should be dickonson

Tucker is a slotback though....he was one of our most consistent along with Ray, but he still had a mediocre season by his standards. Same goes for Ray even though he was the only QB to throw for 5000 yards, the ints were too high and the QB rating too low.

Burris was chosen by his peers, so we can dispute that all we like but they must have seen something that they liked in him and I trust them to know more about it than me.


I'd have to disagree. Ray and Tucker did not have mediocre seasons in '06, they both played up very closely to their standard IMO. And the stats seem to back this up. Ray had better stats almost all around the board when comparing '06 to '05(yes qb rating and Int included), and Tucker although 100 or so yards short of his '05 campaign, had one more TD in '06.

Whatever keep getting weak in the knees over stats. As far as I'm concerned if they aren't making the plays at critical times to win football games then they aren't playing as well as they can.

Remember, we're here in Edmonton and this franchise has a legacy of making the playoffs and winning championships. So yeah, I think they had a mediocre season by their standards.


i agree with both of you i think Ricky had great stats that should be commeneded but he also made brain farts that he usually never made...and tucker didnt have as good a season because we had a horrile offensive plan that took our best reciver out of the game. with the new offence, im looking for bounce back season for those 2