CFLman message to all CFL fans

We are looking for CFL fans willing to support the arrival of a CFL team in Quebec. Quebec City is a tourist city. It will be very sensitive to the opinions from outsiders. We would like also to make request to the media for a better coverage of our football the CFL. It would be beneficial in the long term for the Canadians, US and Europeans or other foreigners CFL fans to group for future action.

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here is some advise... Kick the laval board of directors out and then claim that the rouge need a bigger stadium because they want to have a bigger Vanier Cup...
With out a stadium for a CFL team to play are wasting your time.

AMEN.. No 25,000 stadium. no QC team.

I want a QC team!.. definitely, but you need the stadium first.

I like the idea, but...

  1. logo needs some work.

  2. What exactly is it that you want us to do? To show support?

For example Quebec has an old hippodrome the mayor proposed to make a soccer stadium with it. There is enough land for a CFL stadium. We could email City Hall as well as Quebec Medias too. T.V. ratings are very good in Quebec for our football. We can do the same for Halifax too.

My support is mainly from CFL fans in the province of Quebec, some in the rest of Canada and a few in Europe. The CFL needs an expansion as fast as possible. The more we are, the better the impact. We have nothing to loose, and everything to gain for the love of our football league. This is only a few possibilities, if people only knew the power of numbers and unity.

People could have given their names at the bottom of my article, but for a reason I don’t know, the spot entitled E-mail was removed.

From berezin99

[i][i]This off season Cohon should be focusing on expansion and stadium upgrades, with a view towards the next TV deal. IF we can get this league to at least 10 teams before the next TV deal comes up for renewing, as well as bring some newer stadiums in, it will give the league lots of leverage in the next TV deal. Because 10 teams means 5 games a week instead of 4. They could easily sell off 3 games a week to TSN lets say, and 2 games to CBC. Playoffs and Grey Cup could also go to the highest bidder. With more teams not only do you increase your fan base nationally, but also make yourselves a better TV property. Which means more money, alot more money for the league[/i].[/i].
The Argonautes question: whould you like to have a 7 teams league? The CFL needs an expansion fast as possible.

Quebec in the CFL is part of the solution. I want to help the CFL. What better place than the site to make a list of fans for the promotion of the league? But saddly my E-mail where fans could enlist was removed.

I'm going to Quebec City in January! !!

I live near Montreal but Quebec city is very beautifull. You will like it. But, you will like it more if Quebec have a CFL team!