cflisthebest draft wager..

So cflisbest…you are saying no Canadian QB will be drafted this year.

I’ll take you up on this.

I’m saying that there will be a Canadian who played QB last year in a starting role will be drafted. You are saying no in the most definite manner. In fact you feel anyone who believes this is not knowlegeable at best.

I’ve read that you feel you should be in line for a CFL job sometime in the near future so you deserve to be confident in your predictions.

The loser of the bet cannot post until August 1st?
Are you on?

Be clear, stay focused. Are you takingthis bet? Simple yes or no…


What's the Vegas line have this at cause I want to put some money on Flag?

Which QB will be selected before the other... - Mueller or Sinopoli? I think/suppose the odds would be with Sinopoli.

Great. done.

With the ron l. connection there might be some pressure for sask to draft mueller.

You'll be missed in the Edmonton game topics, cfl.

I don't think I have too much to fear.

just cause the media says all these good things.. one thing we forget is the decision is ultimately up to the GM.

are any of them going to use 1 of their draft picks to choose a player who's odds of doing anything for their team are lowest of anyone else available?

A fifth Round pick is typicaly a waste of a pick anyways

...I recommend you two go moonbat crazy from now until May 8th, at which point one of you will be silent for months...

bad bet best

there will be one going, most predict 3-4th round.

history says otherwise.

Yeah, but history doesn't mean crap. Let's say the Als have dropped 7 consecutive games in BC (I can't recall the actual number), that doesn't mean Montreal will never win in BC. That streak will eventually come to an end, just like the "streak" of never drafting a Canadian QB will. This could be the year that it happens.

Ah but in a sense he's right Chief. Brad Sinopoli and Marc Mueller have never been drafted by any CFL team in history. . .

Case closed then. Congrats citb. See you in August, Flag. :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don't see it.

there's all these talented players from Canada that actually play in positions that could be starters who are available.

why would they draft the guy when they could choose someone who has a much better chance at becoming a starter.. if not this year in a few seasons!!

Canadian QB's are not yet at that level.

this is all because Brannagan got a shot. ya Barker gave him a chance, yet whoever watched that game where he played a Quarter.. he wasn't exactly that impressive.

now everyone is beginning to think it's going to be an avalanche of Canadian QB's showing up?

I have my doubts. it doesn't just happen.

it takes time and generations of players to get there.

What history are you looking at? If we're talking about simply being drafted, he's got a real good shot.

Past QBs drafted since 2000:
2010: 23 Brouillette, Marc-Olivier QB Montreal Montreal Alouettes
2008: 41 Orban, Teale QB Regina Saskatchewan Roughriders via HAM
2007: 46 Smith, Braden QB/Q UBC Montreal Alouettes
2003: 44 Bertrand, Mathieu QB Laval Montreal Alouettes
2002: 46 Paopao, Tyler QB Occidental College Ottawa Renegades
2001: 15 Palmer, Jesse QB Florida Montreal Alouettes
2001: 31 Maheu, Steven WR/QB Simon Fraser Montreal Alouettes
2001: 44 Grant, Will QB Acadia Hamilton Tiger-Cats
2001: 47 Cote, Phil QB Ottawa Montreal Alouettes
2000: 23 O'Brien, Mike QB/P Western Ontario Saskatchewan Roughriders

If anything, history says he'll be drafted by Montreal.

ok good to know,

one question. where are these guys?

Bertand is the only one who's playing.. but not at QB.


The bet is whether a QB will be drafted. .. not whether or not he'll make the team in question as a QB. recap (albeit edited for brevity):