CFLinsider columns

Jack Bedell has started a new website up called A few posters from here were asked to do team columns from a fan's point of view.

Columns were done by Red&White (Calgary), BigDave (Hamilton), MadJack (Montreal), Supertoe (Edmonton), SolarMax (B.C), and myself, roughyfan (Saskatchewan).

They are listed under latest stories and each colum is the team name.

Couldn't find it. When I clicked on the link I got NFL and College stuff....Did I miss something?

Try this link

Thanks for the publicity, Roughy. I didn’t want to blow my own horn on the forum.

People can also get to the site at . Either address works.

The network includes sites from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, AFL, and major US high school recruiting sources.

I think it is wise not to blow our own horns. However, think of this, BigDave, RedandWhite, Supertoe, Solar Max, and of us may, in the future, become the next Marty York!!!!!!

I'd say all of you are capable of the same BS York would post. The difference is he would actually believe his own crap.

....I tend to believe ALL the crap I write, especially all those clues I imbedded in my article about where that stash of Confederate gold bullion is hid in Montana.....

Wow .... pretty kewl .... the site is part of another that I link to for my "Caseymania" fix!

Thanks Roughy...that link worked!

Dam you there are people on this site that actually read your posts and now you let out the scret of the gold in the Sweet Grass Hills!

They are all more knowledgeable than that idiot York is-- he has to be the most annoying columnist or analyst on the North American continent.

Interesting thing tho, they list "fan reps" for six of the league's eight teams. The only ones who don't have fan columns are The Bombers and Argos. Now I can possibly understand about the Argos, but can we really trust a fan's perspective from the Bombers? I mean, think about it. Can you imagine, say, a Bombers' fan perspective from the forum's residential spammer? He'd hijack his own column talking about all the changes he'd want done to the league. (specifics withheld as to not incur the wrath of the mods :lol: )

There were suppose to be columns written by Argos and Blue Bombers fans, I'm guessing they never submitted them.

Well it turns out.. hank the tank.. has the honours, seems they want a fair accurate take on my Bombers. Your's truly will do just that..Go Bombers..

Argotom is up for the Argos, but I haven't heard from him yet. And HanktheTank is the man for the Bombers. I'll have them up as soon as I get them.

They already have someone from Toronto mongo... But he's doing the Alouettes' column...